Friday, March 8, 2013

Again, South Yemen

Again, violence is back to the front in South Yemen, and the reason is the celebration of February 21, 2013, which has been insisted By Islah party to be held in Aden on the occasion of the first anniversary of the peaceful exchange of Authority and Selecting the current Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi president for the transition period in Yemen.

Several entities in Hirak described the celebration as (provocation) when Islah Party brought many members from northern Yemen to celebrate in Aden, chanting phrases emphasizing on the continuation of the unification and denying the insisted demands of Hirak 

President Hadi came to Aden to defuse the rising anger among people in South Yemen, which transcends the voice of the radical entity of Hirak to declare (an armed struggle) until it expels the northern occupation from South Yemen.

In fact, The situation is getting complicated every day.The chronic challenge of Hirak has brought back politicians who have failed in the state administration and failed in managing  southern Yemen case to the as fore as leaders of Hirak took advantages of media support such as Arab and Western channels show those representatives of South Yemen while There are quite a number of young leaders who have good skills, but the Western and Arab media insist on ignoring them!

 The future of the South Arabian Peninsula at stake.Iran plays an important role in attracting young leaders have good reputation and play an active role in South Yemen.The urgent intervention required now from the international community is to empower the voices that have logical solutions to strengthen global stability and this will be only by (referendum of self determination) supervised by the United Nations in south Yemen, according to the standards agreed upon later.