Monday, November 29, 2010

Explosion at Political Security perimeter in Loder district – Abyan Province

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Local residents said that they heard voice of explosions in the vicinity Political Security building in Loder district – Abyan Province on Monday November, 29th, 2010. The same place had military operations during August, 2010.

In the mean while, burning of tires and fireworks from the mountains been seen as celebrate the anniversary of November, 30th in the district.

The Detention of Saudi fan car in Belhaf district – Shabwa Province

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Local security at Security checkpoint in Belhaf district – Shabwa Province stopped Monday morning November 29th, 2010 Saudi fans car were on the way to their country through Al-Wadee’a Port after they attend Gulf20 to promoted Saudi national soccer team.

According to private resource, the members of the security check point were from north Yemen asked the Saudi fan car riders to follow them to Al-Wadee’a Port as protection for amount of money; the Saudi fan car riders reject Security offers.

After this, the Security Check point members detained the Saudi fan car as reaction to offer rejected by raiders and until now the Saudi fan car still under detention in Belhaf district – Shabwa Province which is located south of Yemen.

Moreover, lately, Southern suffer from security check point where they detained arbitrarily and then released after paying amount of money; the travelers say that is “ransom” while describing Security Check points members as “bandits”.

Detainees Go on Hunger Strike Protesting About Repulsive Situation

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Detainees in Saber Criminal Search prison in the southern Yemeni province of Lahej have gone on hunger strike to protest about the "arbitrary arrests," the treatment, and the situation that was described as "inhumane," on Monday November, 29th, 2010.

The strikers have been arrested on November 24, they are: professor Hussein al-Akil, the activists Wadah and Fhadel al-Nakhbi, Saleh Bin Saleh, Mahmoud Mohammed Saleh, Wadah al-Halimi, and Arif al-Halimi.

Human rights sources said that the detainees are suffering inhumane conditions in a small cell filled with detainees on criminal cases and in unsanitary conditions where different insects contention the detainees in their cell, which sewage leaks out from outside, as described by the sources.

The sources added that the prosecution ordered for the release of the detainees, yesterday, but the prison administration refuses to implement the prosecution's directions.


Four districts in southern Yemen live in the dark

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Four districts in south of Yemen live in total darkness and for the second day November, 29th, 2010, respectively; after the power failure two days ago.

The districts are (Lauder, Moudia, Al-Wadhee’a from Abyan Province) and (Mukiras district from Al-Bidha’a province). The reason is lack of diesel due the prevention of the National Oil Company in Aden to provide Lauder electric station which provides that districts with electricity because of the high debt to National Oil Company, demanding that it must pay its debt unless it will stop providing diesel.

While before couple days, the electricity had been cut off on the above mentioned districts to the period of 6 hours per day.

Activist Arrested in Aden

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Activist member of Southern Movement been arrested in Al-Wahai distract – Aden city Sunday November, 28th, 2010.

The Activist, his name is “Ahmed Qasim Al-Shawi”. The arrested happened when he was in “Golden Sword” tea Shop and the Local security did not say the result of arrested.

Finally, it is worth to mention that a lot of Activists of Southern Movement been arrested in Aden as way to secure any possibility to make demonstration in Aden during the time of Gulf20.

Protests Continue for The Ninth Day in Al-Mahfed

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

The demonstrations continued for the ninth day in al-Mahfed district in Abyan province that is hosting Gulf 20 soccer championship besides Aden in southern Yemen at November, 28th, 2010. While the road that links Aden with Abyan was reinforced by different units of the Yemeni military, especially after the blast of a bomb car last night in Aden aimed at a police station in al-Memdara town, in Sheikh Othman district – Aden.

Hundreds of Southern Movement supporters demonstrated in al-Mahfed district chanting slogans support the Southern Movement demands of "the restoration of the former state of South Yemen." Raising banners, flags and photographs of the former South Yemeni leader, Ali Salem al-Beidh, who recently lives in exile in Austria.

Speakers in the demonstration called the southerners to participate the festival that is intended to be organized on November 30, 2010, the Independence Day in which the Britons left Aden in 1967, in Aden.

The Southern Movement in Mudia in Abyan also called the southerners to participate in the festival in Aden, that is hosting Gulf 20 soccer championship as well as Abyan, while it also called them "to support the Kuwaiti national team."


* Photograph of people demonstrating in al-Mahfed district, November 28, 2010.


Militants Capture Two Yemeni Soldiers And Threaten to Kill Them

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Violent clashes broke out between a number of militants and members of the military Sector in al-Habilyn city in Radfan - Lahej province, in which light and medium weapons were used, this morning November, 27th, 2010

Reportedly, the clashes continued for nearly an hour, and caused no losses in lives, but some material losses occurred to some houses, while the cause of the clashes was the arrest of a Southern Movement activist called Muhssein Daud al-Suhaibi, the father of Daud al-Suhaibi who was killed by Yemeni forces during clashes last Ramadan, while he was in his car heading back from the city of al-Habilyn towards his house in the suburbs.

The city of al-Habilyn that is normally crowded, turned into an empty city, while students were seen leaving their schools fearing of the random bullets that mostly cause the death of civilians and passersby.

Sources in the city said that a big number of militants came down the city laying a siege to the Military Sector of al-Habilyn.

The Aden News Agency knew through trusted sources that the militants could capture two Yemeni soldiers were in civilian clothes, while they were taken to an unknown place.

"The militants gave the Military Sector 24 hours to release al-Suhaibi and his car, and to stop its aggressive acts towards the civilians." Sources close to the militants said.

Later, two helicopters were seen hovering over the city of al-Habilyn at low altitude, while the siege is still lying to the camp till the moment.

Source :

Friday, November 26, 2010

More than 80 people stuck in Aden telpherage

Observed by : Mr. Alaa Isam

still more than 80 people some of them are Gulf citizens stuck in Aden telpherage; special force and military aircraft currently trying to evacuate the 50 carts that carry out stuck people.

the reason of this technical fault.

Raced to buy the fans in the Gulf20

Observed by : Mr. Alaa Isam

For the first time, appears a new phenomenon in Gulf20 that the Soccer teams buy fans to support them during the match .

And according to private resource, the price of one fan is between 100 – 120 Saudi Riyal specially before the KSA vs Kuwait; and seen many Gulf people roam the streets and handing out money beside homes flags. The Yemeni Fans shows positive respond to support Gulf soccer teams but only by paid them conditionally the hottest game and its importance.

This comes after there is a need to supporters to Gulf Soccer teams while their fans were unable to come to Yemen because of security situation in Yemen and the media coverage that cover the security aspect.

Security interrogate with people who threw bomb that did not explode

Observed by : Mr. Alaa Isam

Local Security of Aden interrogate with 3 people who were drive car in gold moor district – Al-Tawahi directorate when someone of them threw bomb in the backyard of Gold moor Hotel where there are many delegations that attend Gulf20 but it did not explode thursday November,25th, 2010.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gulf20 use 100 police dogs; the one cost 5 million YER

Observed by : Mr. Alaa Isam

Source of Security committee of Gulf20 confirmed that Gulf20 using more than 100 police dogs for security purposes during the period of Gulf20 in Aden.

The same source said “the cost of each police dog 5 million YER; where Police dogs are used to secure gates of hotels that are hosts the GCC teams and other delegations “.

The Gulf20 committee pay participants financial stipend after its financial officer traveling to Jordan

exclusive by : Mr. Alaa Isam

the Gulf20 committee compel to pay the participants who made Carnival show their financial stipend ; this happening after the Yemeni President give severe order to Gulf20 committee to pay the participants their financial stipend.

The number of Participants 1500 dancer from provinces of Aden and Abyan beside 3000 students from several schools and universities.

Protests in Southern Yemen Demand The Release of Southern Detainees

Observed by : Mr. Alaa Isam

Thousands of Southern Movement supporters demonstrated in al-Habilyn city -Lahej province, on Thursday morning that consequences with the "Southern Prisoner's Day" protest, that is staged on Thursdays in order to demand the release of Southern Movement leaders in Yemeni prisons.

Flags of Arabian Gulf states were witnessed in the demonstration and photographs of Arabian Gulf leaders, besides the usual banners and photographs of the detainees and dead and the flag of the former state of South Yemen.

The demonstration was preceded by a rally procession, in which people chanted against the Yemeni unity.

Speakers in the demonstration stressed that the Arabian Gulf teams, their staffs, fans and reporters are the guests of the south, saying that the Southern Movement wished if the soccer championship could have been done in a situation better than the recent situation of "occupation" as the Southern Movement says.

The southern province of Shabwah also witnessed a demonstration staged on both the "Southern Prisoners Day" and the memory of killing a person called "Al-Khader Al-Awlaki," by security forces last year.

Speakers demanded the release of the Southern Moment leader, Hassan Ahmed Ba'aum.

It was noticed that schoolboys also participated actively in the protest.

In Lahej province, a traditional festival was marked in Yafiea, in al-Mosta area, where traditional dances were performed and people chanted verses call for the "south liberation" and raised flags of the former state of South Yemen.

The festival was attended by several Southern Movement leaders and activists from Yafiea and the neighboring districts of Radafn and the province of al-Dhali, while the speeches stressed the demand of the "liberation and independence."


* 1st and 2nd photographs of people demonstrating in Radfan, raising photographs of leaders and flags of the Arabian gulf. November 25, 2010.

* 3rd photograph of the Traditional festival in Yafiea. November 25, 2010.


Release of Al-Jazeera crew after arrest them in Security Camp

Observed by : Mr. Alaa Isam

Soldiers released Al-Jazeera crew after they arrest them in security camp in Zonjbar district – Abyan Province; Al-Jazeera crew were Ahmed Al-Shalfi, Fathel Mobarak and Samir Al-Nameri in addition of the Driver.

Al-Jazeera crew been detained in Security check point in Zonjbar district – Abyan Province (South Yemen) . The Security confiscated their Channel Camera after the security review what they record , also their cell phones been confiscated by the security. And after while the Security give back all the Confiscated equipments.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When Saleh Wants!

Written by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Still the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh the most characters have the potential to do much, he is the man who cannot let others see him weak. Which is what actually happened in Gulf20 that held in Aden?

Maybe someone asks: what is the purpose of attendance to both Djibouti's President and Eritrean’s President in the Gulf20 Cup Opening ceremony?

Some politicians speaks about number of Gulf Princes did not show any desire and interests to attend the opening event, this comes as expression of their concern about increasing security risks in Yemen. What was however, from the Yemeni President just to convince the Presidents of Djibouti and Eritrea to attend; the intention to deliver the message that “Yemen is located in a Vital region of the world, it is depth strategic security to Gulf States and stabilizing important member in the Red Sea and Horn of Africa “– that is as understood by some Yemeni Politician.

President Saleh, who was keen from the outset that Aden holding Gulf20; was keen on the Opening the Championship himself, also transferred all his ministers and aids to Aden City in order to make it non-stop workshop beside solving number of Issues that concern Southern, at the same time to supervise himself on the event activities in order to course of the tournament in the way should be.

Private resource and close to ruling regime in Yemen, told me that Yemeni regime made conclude a truce deal state on “Temporary Security” with Al-Qaeda in Yemen; on the other hand, made the same deal with the Leaders of the factions of the southern movement; Where Al-Qaeda has committed to halt its activities until the end of this year.

The source add that the agreement was approved by the leaders of various factions of the southern movement and been rejected by Hussain Ba’oum which led to his arrest temporarily.

Certainly, the sincerity of the source upon which I wrote this article, proves that President Saleh when he wants he is able to achieve what he wants, and here the question appears: is not it time for President Saleh to make a Positive change for his people?

The Arrest of Activists; after dispersion of Southern Movement demonstration west of Aden

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Yemeni Security forced arrested number of activists in Southern movement in Slah Al-Dain district west of Aden after dispersion of demonstration organized as an expression against the continuing of Arrests in south, especially the provinces of Aden and Hadramout on Wednesday November, 24th, 2010.

Among those arrested; Colonel Omer Saeed Sobeihi, who has already been arrested several times at previous Southern Movement demonstrations in Aden.

Finally Al-Buriqa area known as the most important stronghold of the Southern movement in Aden.

Note: photo of Colonel Omer Saeed Sobeihi

24 Southern Movement Activists arrested; Dr. Al-Aqel and Wadah Al-Halmi in Lahj Provence

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Local Security of Lahj Province – south of Yemen has arrested number of southern movement activists this Wednesday morning November, 24th, 2010; and by afternoon the local security raided the house of Dr. Hussain Muthna Al-Aqel, the Academic doctor in Saber district and arrested him together with Wadah Al-Halmi, Saleh bin Saleh Al-Rada’a, Samed Al-Yafiee beside three other who are an activists in Youth Movement that belong to Southern Movement and get them to Political Security prison.

Also, the Local Security set up new Security check point at the entrance to Al-Houta district and arrested Bus that carry in 13 citizens from Radfan district, Al-Dhlia province including member of local council in order to to ensure the road during the Gulf20 time.

The arrests happened after Southern movement intention to hold demonstrations Thursday November, 25th, 2010 in Lahj Province; the marches that used to be every Thursday a week to demand of free the detainees in Jails.

Note: photo for Dr. Al-Aqel on the Right , Wadah Al-Halmi, the Activist on the left

Yemeni Ladies support national team Just like Gulf ladies

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Thousands of beautiful Yemeni ladies attend the May 22nd Stadium in Aden where the Gulf2o matches will be held.

For the second day, the Yemeni ladies attended the match and their appearance in Soccer stadium is new phenomenon in Yemeni sports. The committee has been allocated for women in order to give them full freedom to encourage the national soccer team.

One of the Ladies who attend Said “I came to support our national team; but our dream shattered” saying her presence such other counterparts who loves sports.

“it is true our participation is new phenomenon but it was must on us to come and support our national team like Gulf girls who come to support their nationals teams” she added.

Finally, some reports talked about number of Islamic religious people in Yemen issues Fatwa to boycott the tournament. Relying on the fact that “Gulf20 does not devoid of dancers, males and females mixture, and import of Alcohol in hotels”.

Southern Movement announced marches tomorrow that raised photos of Gulf Leaders

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Today the Southern Movement called his supporters to demonstrate on Thursday November, 25th, 2010 as “Southern Captive Day” coincides with Gulf20 in Aden.

The demonstration will be focused in districts of Radfan, Subiha and Mosimer in Lahj Province. The demonstration will demand to release southern activists arrested, led by Leader of the Council Mr. Baom and his colleagues plus the rest of Southern Movement Advocates that are still arrested in jail.

The Southern Movement by implementing this activates tries to attract the media coverage to do more focus about what’s happing in South of Yemen.

Moreover, the Yemeni Air force flew over the area of Radfan two days ago for unknown reason; the people are surprised this happening while Yemen hosing Gulf20.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Omani National soccer team wing’s surface fall down in Aden Hotel

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

According to private resource, the Omani national soccer team wing’s surface fall down in Aden Hotel.

Al-Naas Newspaper confirmed the news by its correspondent who attends Gulf20 in Aden; at the same times, the newspaper said no one been harmed as all team members were out of hotel for training.

Finally, Aden Hotel is the main hotel for the tournament and has been developed in past few months by estimated budget cost about 45 Million USD.

Asking for their financial stipend…
Dozens of participants in the panel show of the Gulf 20 Championship cut the Main Street of mualla
district in Aden

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Dozens of participants in the Panel show of the Gulf 20 went down to Main Street of mualla district in Aden and not allow the cars to move as protest for non-pay their financial stipends. They throw some rocks at cars on street. While police men come directly to disperse them by live bullets beside sprayed water on them.

President Saleh ordered Yemeni Culture Minister to deliver the financial stipends of participants but they did not get it yet until last communication this Tuesday afternoon.

Moreover, the participants sit in front of Security committee and Media committee places this morning and did not find any cooperation.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Disperse celebrating of the Saudi Soccer team in many areas in the south

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

The Yemeni military patrols and other belong to Assisting Police men has disperse late time of Money November, 22nd, 2010 youth marches in different districts of Aden, while they were celebrating for the wining of Saudi soccer team at Yemeni soccer team with four goals to noun.

Furthermore, the military patrols broke up a peaceful gathering and queues of cars that move around the streets of Aden on board young people raised Saudi flags and singing as celebrate of Saudi wining at Yemeni soccer team.

While in Al-Dhali Province, a group of young people went around the streets celebrating to the wining of Saudi soccer team.

The government mobilizes its employees to participate as cheerleaders in Gulf20 Championship

Observed by : Mr. Alaa Isam

Special resources confirmed that the opening match has started with intensive security measurements that happen for the very first time. According to resources, different security units were mobilized as a number of military schools students went down to Aden to act as main cheerleaders during Gulf 20 with civil outfits.

Moreover, drinks , qat , food , pens and cigarettes are forbidden as a cautious measure in the stadium as there is a fear that one of the audiences belongs to Southern Movements might throw something in the players. Instead , water bags will be sold.

Further, police and security units were spread in main streets intersections of Aden as well as increased number of traffic men to organize traffic in city streets.

President Saleh purchases the opening match of Gulf 20 championship tickets

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Resources in the committee of Gulf 20 championship indicated that presidential command was
issued to make entrance of the first match free for audiences in 22may stadium to attend the opening match. It will be between Saudi Arabia and Yemen . According to resources, it was arranged with Abu Dhabi channel to purchase all opening match tickets on the president's cost to make to free for all.

Security News in Gulf20

Wounding Saudi Person shot by national security check point in Kersh

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

A person holds, Saudi citizenship, have been shot by new national security check point in Kersh Area, which used to separate the Southern and Northern Yemen before the unification. While he was trying to enter Aden City in order to attend Gulf 20 championships.

Passengers who were on the way and saw what happened said “some members of the national security check point, who belong to 33 Armored Brigade, opened fire on him heavily and indiscriminately for unknown reasons until this moment, then took him escorted by military patrols to an unknown destination”.

National Security hampers the movement of Najran Saudi TV

National Security has denied Najran Saudi Television to attend the festival that was established by Southern movement in Azan city – Shabwa province. Najran Saudi Television was escorted by military patrols when the festival ended.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hijacking tow Omani Vehicles in Abyan, Southern Movement Denies Responsibility

Local residents in the southern Yemeni district of al Mahfed in Abyan province, said to the Aden News Agency that Unidentified gunmen have hijacked a vehicle belong to an Omani sports club, on Sunday, and offered for sale in Dhaika area which has seen several hijackings for travelers on the road links the provinces of Aden and Hadramout in southern Yemen.

And in the neighboring district of Ahwar, in the same province, passengers said that they saw a car belong to the television of Oman and with an Omani plate parked at a checkpoint developed by unidentified gunmen prevented the transit of the vehicles having plates from Northern Yemen or belonging to the Arab Gulf States that their official football teams participate in the twentieth Arabian Gulf Cup in the coastal southern Yemeni cities of Aden and Zanzibar.

On the other hand, sheikh Mubarak Ba'rass denied any responsibility of the Southern Movement for both the incidents of Dhaika and Ahwar, accusing the Yemeni government of attempting to defame the southerners in front of their Arabian Gulf siblings, and criticizing the Arabian Gulf States that "they want to perform the championship at the expense of the freedom and the pride of the southerners."

"The continued disregard of the Arabian Gulf States to the demands of the people of the south of the freedom and independence will lead the southerners to ally with any part, even if that part is Iran or Israel, " sheikh Ba'ras said adding and continuing "as long as each part looking for his interest away from the benefit of others, it is the right of southerners to search for their own interest even if it conflicts with the interests of our brothers in the Arabian Gulf States."

Resource :

24 hours prior to Gulf 20 launch:

Great dissatisfaction prevails sport fans in Aden due to entrance tickets reservation

Reported: Nashwan Al-Othmani
Translated by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Great dissatisfaction prevails sport fans in Aden due to gulf 20 entrance tickets reservation by concerned authorities which is going to be launched tomorrow, Monday November, 22nd, 2010.

Even 24 hours prior to launching the championship with the match between Saudi Arabia and Yemen tomorrow afternoon, the fans of football are still in confusion. we had some calls to investigate the ticket issue , but failed to get a clear answer from the authority supervising the championship.

Resources reveal to us that reserving tickets is a precautious measure to prevent Southern Movement fellows from entering the 22 May stadium which will be the place of holding most of the matches beside unification (Alwahda) stadium in Abyan. Some rumors were spread that most of the audiences in stadiums will be security personnel wearing civil outfits for the same reason. On the other hand, other resources revealed for us that Abu Dhabi Channel , the exclusive owner of the championship rights and responsible of tickets , has offered only 3500 tickets so far.

Security Authorities fear of chanting hostile slogans against Sana'a regime in front of Satellite TV channels which will be strongly present in the championship. Another fear is from provocation of riots during the matches which may lead to championship obstructing or failure.

Due to lack of financial incentives,

Aden: withdrawal of a number of doctors from Gulf 20 ambulance teams

Reported by: Nashwan Al-Othmani
Translated by: Mr. Alaa Isam

A number of doctors withdrew from Gulf 20 championship, that is expected to be launched tomorrow, Monday, November 22nd, 2010, ambulance teams. They withdrew protesting about the financial incentives and neglecting nutritional side.

One of the doctors, preferred to not reveal his name, said to Mareb press that Gulf 20 ambulance team doctors got training on ITLS on emergency and first aid. However, 20 of them withdrew from the teams.

He added that the financial incentive which is 3000 YR for each doctor a day is the reason behind the withdrawal. He mentioned that the concerned authority forgot about counting food allowance, meaning that 3000 covers all expenses including food. Besides, nurses are given 2000 per day for each.

The doctors wondered: “where are the incentives of the health sector in Gulf 20's budget, which is beyond millions?"

The ambulance teams will be distributed in all stadiums, round abouts , hotels and all constructions dedicated for the championship.

Aden with Sports and Military not accustomed before…

Reported by: Nashwan Al-Othmani
Translated by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Aden city has never been in such situation before. This image comes coinciding Gulf Cup 20 Championship which will start on November, 22nd, 2010. The security spreading is unprecedented made two different interpretations, one of which is concerning the sport event as to protect the championship, while the other one is concerning both domestic and external political objectives of Yemen.

Following the announcement of President Ali Saleh on October, 2nd, 2010 that Yemeni authorities will send 30 thousand troops to support security and stability in the three provinces of Aden, Abyan and Lahj. Consequently, military troop’s machines and thousands of soldiers began heading to Aden coming from, mostly, Sana’a, and on the road leading to the three provinces that passed through the city of Taiz. Many people saw large number of military machines such as troop’s carriers, crews of military, P10, guns, armored vehicles, military rocket launchers “Alcatusha” ,antiaircraft gun, mortars and tanks . 2 days prior to the date of the tournament forces are still flocking to the latter provinces that host the championship.

Accordingly, Aden City, as well as the surrounded cities, including the capital of Abyan province, has witnessed intensive security measures. However, these measures were not fully strict, according to a taxi driver preferred not to reveal his identity.

The huge military forces, that are charged to protect the Gulf cup 20, flooded the streets of Aden City” he added. On the way to Aden, another driver said “you see a lot of military check points and many of them barely away from each other only few meters”.

Saleh President, during his visit to the Gulf cup 20 constructions in the cities of Aden and Abyan on October, 2nd, 2010, Pointed out, fireworks might explode here and there despite that they do not harm much, as lately Aden city has witnessed alive explosions in Sheikh Osman and Mansoura that killed and wounded individuals. The Yemeni media has covered the first one that happened last month while neglected completely the second one which was close to the date of the tournament as it seems, which is surely killed one person and wounded another.

To protect Gulf Cup 20, according to President Saleh, the assigned military force will consist of three security belts tight around the three provinces (Aden, Abyan and Lahj) .Yet, until short time before, the security pressure did not start. But the last 3 days or let us say 2 days before the start of the tournament , it will witness significant change in security appearance in Aden and Abyan as well.

As the authority stated, there are major security challenges in front of it and the most important are the threat of Al-Qaeda and the popular movement protests known as the “Southern Movement”. However, observers thought “it is not likely to use excessive force against southern movement demonstrations if it will have taken place before or during the tournament”, but the heavy security presence and as a result to the Arab world famous sport event protection , it is certain that imposition of security and securing teams and delegates is a must therefore, use of force can be considered as an option.

Questions raised about the allocation of all power to protect Gulf 20

If the Gulf 20 needs only small arms to combat riots or disperse demonstrations or so, then the question that should be raised is about the feasibility of bringing down heavy military equipments such as tanks, rocket launchers and so on?

A doubt that is greatly assumed that the Gulf 20 is only a banner to pass bringing down all the equipments, but the more important is what for?

Away from the political analysis, Adeni Street, specifically Youth , are divided into two parts due to the heavy presence of military escorting Gulf 20.

The inclusion of each has almost the same number as the other part of a sample of the 10 young people. Some young people said “they feel safe and stabile due to this security pressure”, while the other part on the contrary, denounced the militarization of the city with all this gear at the time that requiring only security personnel for the purpose of protecting Gulf 20.

Al-Qaeda is the biggest nightmare for the soldiers. One of the soldiers, at the Police school in Sana’a and one of comers to Aden with other soldiers, revealed that a lot of soldiers ,Including newly graduates ,and who has been trained for only two months, have been sent down to Aden.

He said preferring anonymity that “the biggest fear is coming from Al-Qaeda, because when Al-Qaeda threatens , then it makes it true with no doubt”

While waiting for Gulf 20, which will begin on Monday November, 22nd, 2010, a lot of attentions will be paid towards the cities of Aden and Abyan to watch the most important sport event in the Arabian Peninsula that is hosted by Yemen from November, 22nd, to December, 5th 2010. Additionally, watching the sport stadium event will be synchronized with watching Political stadium events by the three players (Yemeni Authority, Southern Movement and probably Al-Qaeda) .