Friday, March 8, 2013

Again, South Yemen

Again, violence is back to the front in South Yemen, and the reason is the celebration of February 21, 2013, which has been insisted By Islah party to be held in Aden on the occasion of the first anniversary of the peaceful exchange of Authority and Selecting the current Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi president for the transition period in Yemen.

Several entities in Hirak described the celebration as (provocation) when Islah Party brought many members from northern Yemen to celebrate in Aden, chanting phrases emphasizing on the continuation of the unification and denying the insisted demands of Hirak 

President Hadi came to Aden to defuse the rising anger among people in South Yemen, which transcends the voice of the radical entity of Hirak to declare (an armed struggle) until it expels the northern occupation from South Yemen.

In fact, The situation is getting complicated every day.The chronic challenge of Hirak has brought back politicians who have failed in the state administration and failed in managing  southern Yemen case to the as fore as leaders of Hirak took advantages of media support such as Arab and Western channels show those representatives of South Yemen while There are quite a number of young leaders who have good skills, but the Western and Arab media insist on ignoring them!

 The future of the South Arabian Peninsula at stake.Iran plays an important role in attracting young leaders have good reputation and play an active role in South Yemen.The urgent intervention required now from the international community is to empower the voices that have logical solutions to strengthen global stability and this will be only by (referendum of self determination) supervised by the United Nations in south Yemen, according to the standards agreed upon later.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Who care for their thoughts!!?

As a large number of young people in southern Yemen, I listen with huge interest to our older generation of politicians who have been raised during the socialist and left way of thinking .However ,we , often , do not agree with what they talk about.

Democratic Yemen, Southern Yemen or South of Yemen all the latter names refer to Democratic Republic of Yemen. The latter is the last development of South Yemen that entered the Yemeni Union Project with Arab Republic of Yemen or North Yemen if you wish to call it.

In South Yemen, there was 21 entities distributed as Sheikhdom and Sultanate until the British Colony had come. It ruled South Yemen for 98 Years to create what was named Federation of South Arabia that consisted of eastern and western Sultanates and Sheikhdoms as well as Aden , the heart of South Yemen.

After the Declaration of Independence from the British colony in the November 30, 1967, the People's Republic of South Yemen was declared, which has changed its name to People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen, and was inherited by political leaders, followers of the leftist Socialist.

Far from the details of military and political conflicts in South Yemen, there was intellectual and Religious diversity.For example in the state of Aden, there was an ethnic coexistence of Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Magi, Bohra and Muslims and all of them coexisted side by side where still now there are Protestant and Catholics churches as well as the graveyards of the Jews and the British. Aden is always proud to have the presence of one of the main and oldest gathering of Masons in The Arabian Peninsula.

This is beside the comers from Maherah, Hadramout, Socotra, Yafea, Hougreia, and Arrivals from India and Somalia. Moreover, there were a number of British citizens who created the first core of multi ethnic community that contributed in the prosperity of life and the evolution of thought and business in Aden.

Currently, there are many talks about the future of South Yemen as a number of politicians came again to the surface that used to wrestle among themselves. They come and talk about Future of South Yemen which they have been always wrestling about which eventually led to inheritance of blood.

Today, young people who are between 20 and 30s, lived in the Yemeni Union decade with all its positive and negative aspects as well as they heard their grandparents' stories about Aden, look forward to being empowered to contribute in making their future. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

German disturbance in Yemen

ًWritten by: Alaa Isam

Eastern Germany has a special memorial relationship in many minds of South Yemen citizens. Also, many thanks for Federal Republic of Germany to the development efforts implemented by German NGOs working in Yemen such as DAAD, that offers post graduate Scholarships in Germany, GIZ which has an effective role in promoting development and capacity building as well as Friedrich Ebert Stiftung- Yemen Office which also has a clear imprint in strengthening the political and civic life. In addition , the German Culture council that plays a prominent role in highlighting the talent of Adeni young man, Amr Gamal in his play (Maak Nazil – Stop here ) which is an adeni version of the German play (Line 1) ,directed by Volker Ludwig one of the most important plays in the history of Germany today, due first show of 1986 .

But the required German intervention between citizens of the united Yemen has become a nuisance! What has changed?!

Since 1994 war, during which the second part in the Yemeni Union project, the republic of Arab Yemen, had won and gotten vital support from some of the smart southern leaders. A number of Southerners think that the fruit of this war was an occupation and thus since that date, they express their resistance and refusal in peaceful and civil ways. Also, they demand the international community, and Germany is among the first, fair intervention to help them regain their state through a public referendum, under specific standard supervised by UN that allows southerners to express their demand without any custody.

Since Philip Holsapfl, the German ambassador deputy in Yemen had written his second article (Fever or Death) that came as a style of (Unity or Death), which was a painful title by the previous president of Yemen “Ali Saleh” which means that it is a must for Southerners to keep on Yemeni Unity or they will be killed .And anger among southerners as well as the number of articles written by intellectuals in the South Yemen were rapidly increasing.

An Expert of Law and International Relations, Dr. Saqqak wrote: "on the impact of the defeat of Germany in World War I and the signing of the Treaty of Versailles International in 1919 both of which put the agreement on harsh conditions on Germany that compensated France for the loss that has befallen as a result of the war and the establishment of France to dismantle a number of factories of Germany and transported to France”.

“This agreement was considered humiliating and harsh on Germany and led to produce the emergence of Hitler and his Nazi regime, taking advantage of the terms of this Agreement to fill in the people of Germany against France to avenge them and restoring the dignity of Germany and its people. Moreover, the Nazi Hitler destroyed Hitler's Germany to the detriment of Europe's entire return. We are elite people of the south and I am one of them with associations of retirees and military and security in 2007 stood against what is our right in the South in the 1994 war genocide and the dismantling of its factories and the exploitation of its wealth of warlords in the north .the peaceful struggle and request of the disengagement did not let the case to the ethnic cleansing of the brothers in the north, but condemned localization of the human of the South by northerners and the distribution of land for free at our expense .I do not want to go even further so as not to revisit and corrupt great history of the people of Germany by Hitler and after Hitler". he added

Another artical written by Farouk Naser, the title is (You too, Hitler's grandson) : "Why we did not hear your voice and the voice of your government commenting on Abyan crimes and Al-Majela crime, Oh Hitler's grandson!!! Laoder and all Abyan liberated by its people… oh mercenary, and legendary steadfastness of Laoder's people and what about Mansoora blockade and all Aden? did what happen met with your thoughts and mind that full of Nazi Hitlar and racism or still innocent blood less than what you and US thought of? "

Read the full Article in Arabic:

Article named "Old Habit overmaster new habit " written by No'man Al-Musfri, said: " I cannot comment, but feel mercy on our friend to advise the German foreign Ministry to speed up in treating the vise ambassador and save him from his current condition, before he slides into an abyss that is harmful on the German nation and its interest with the people of the region. And to treat this harm, a quick apology to the noble southern people will do its effort in refurnishing the relation and restore the trust with the southern nation which owes Germany all love, appreciation and respect".

Read the full Article in Arabic :

 Yasser Taha wrote an article called "the legality of demanding the right to self-determination, the response to the German Ambassador Deputy) said : " the second argument is that the Southern people had used the right of self-determination to acceptance of the unit and Since that time, the Southerners linked their self-determination with the people of Arab Republic of Yemen. I was surprised by this description to the right of self-determination that written by the German Ambassador Deputy! So, it is right but to used only to make the unity and also as seen from his speech is used for one time only! "

“The Ambassador Deputy says this without prove it or demonstrate it with any of the materials of international law, and without proof of evidence do not find myself obliged to answer  ... Thing that is not proof of its existence, no need for us to infer the evidence of exile!" he Added.

Read the full Article in Arabic :

On the other hand, Ahmed AbdulElah wrote an article “Vice Gernam Ambassador puts a limit to the dialogue". In the Article: " Yemen is not Germany where the author came from and he realizes how the German unification was fulfilled and how the infrastructure development and economical programs were expensive: How this all was recruited by the treasury of West Germany for its new partner? and he remembered that one of the main parties in West Germany (the Socialists Party) did not support the idea of unification at that time   until the economic recovery of East to prevent the Western dominance on the sector of the economy of the east state and which has already been when all industries of East collapsed from the very beginning unless some of which could survive. Thus, some eastern categories miss its past. However, the unity Germany was based on solidarity and sacrifice of money to raise the efficiency of the weak partner, which came in the federation in a democratic voluntary way after the elections that followed the fall of the eastern regime. And the unity was not fulfilled through an agreement that brought two leaders together who had mutual emotions in a moment when politics worn a romantic dress and there was no war ended up by one part winning and the other has been faded”. 

he added: " we have to hope that the Deputy of German Ambassador does not represent the orientation of his state by his own writing, because what presented by you on a permanent basis will remain in the memory of southerners people who are keen to keep Germany as a friend in the present and future. No one believed that he was able to hit the fence about the will of a people no matter how powered is. "

Read the Full Article in Arabic

Ali and Mohammed Assadi wrote an article entitled (Deputy German Ambassador, "and a permanent standing with the offender against the victim"), wrote: " you Does your wrote: fever Option or death, is a translation of the saying Ali Abdullah Saleh: Unity or Death?!! It is wired to the diplomacy of the free world to reach this level. do your Excellency know that the people of the south are targeted every day to die and killed and oppress?!?! "

“Will care who in the sea the threatened him by water!! It is impossible to a wise person to expect stability without fair solution to the Southern issue, based on Southerners options and aspirations.. and you all know the options! “He Added

Read the Full Article in Arabic :

Nader Abdul Quddus wrote an article called “Holsapfil and his international law!” wrote: “the surprise, was not that clear bias to impose a stay on the unity for the southerners with the northerners , even by force! But the surprise was the detailed to the international law according to his understanding based on what he want , or as it seen by his state policy towards the southern movement “.

Read the Full Article in Arabic Http://

It is worth to mention that the above quotes  are few of many articles written in addition to  protests that comes as response to  what German Ambassador  Deputy in Yemen wrote , in contrast to demonstrations and sit-ins of his articles condemning the repeated describe it against hostile citizens demand to recover the state of South Yemen.

And finally ... Imagine that South Yemen is East Germany, which demands secession from the Unity project with West Germany (North Yemen). The citizens of East Germany come out almost daily to the streets demanding to get their state back, the question: How does Philip (German Ambassador Deputy) will deal with the demands of the citizens of East Germany!!?

P.S. thanks to Sahar Nuraddin for helping me correcting the translation