Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Southern Movement Launches Protest in Lawder

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

A demonstration was launch this morning in the southern Yemeni district of Lawder in Abyan province, to condemn "the occupation."

Flags of the former South Yemen and banners against the Yemeni central government were raised in the protest, while the green flags and photographs of the former presidents abroad were absent.

A speech by the Southern Movement activists, Nasser Azzan, called the Southern Movement factions to merge into one faction, while the activist Khalid al-Faidhi assured his support for the "documents of independence," those were released by a meeting of Southern Movement leaders in Yafie area (southern Yemen) insure the principle of the independence and tear down the Yemeni parties' members in the Southern Movement, that resulted in some divisions in the Supreme Council, the largest Southern Movement faction.


Yemeni Army Resumes Bombing Habilyn

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

The Yemeni army has resumed its indiscriminate bombing on the major city of Radfan area al-Habilyn, in the southern province of Lahej on Dec 28, 2010; focused on the mountains surrounding the city, while fragments caused some damages to some houses and educational institutions, including al-Zahri School for girls that is close to a military sector.

The bombardment caused a state of panic for the students of the school that caused some students to faint.

In the neighboring province of al-Dhali, a warplane flew at low altitude, bombing the mountains around the city of Dhali and the near towns.

Theses developments come after an attempt by the Yemeni army to break in the city of al-Habilyn yesterday, that was faced by local militants, in addition to great military reinforcements at the southern entrance of city that witnesses instable situation after the assassination of a Southern Movement activist and a number of Yemeni soldiers kidnaps.


Security Force Kills One Person and Injures Another in Shabwah

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

One person was killed and another wounded in al-Musaina'a area, in Shabwah province, by security forces at about (15:00 GMT) on Sunday Dec, 26, 2010.

Tribal sources in Shabwah said to the Aden News Agency that the dead man called "Nasser Said Hersi" while the wounded is "Hussein Ali," shot while they were on their way out of the district to look for a job.

The sources added that the military patrol, which fired on them has fled from the area for fear that the tribe might avenge for its member's death.


Abyan: Demonstrators Demand Secession of Yemen and Unity of South

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

The leading figure in the Southern Movement, "Ali al-Shibh, " said that the duty to reflect a South reconciliation and tolerance in their dealings with each other should not be a mere slogan without applying," he says.

Al-Shibah added through a speech in a demonstration staged in al-Ein town, in Abyan province, "we must move away from making emotional or passionate decisions and our decisions must be carefully taken in order to ensure their success and failures will not cause adverse southern march towards independent"

It is worth mentioning that the Southern Movement's largest faction, the Supreme Southern Movement Council, has been facing discords have led to dividing it to three parts, each one claims legitimacy.

Also in Abyan province, where a second demonstration was organized in al-Mahfed, according to local schedule that includes two weekly protests; on Saturdays and Thursdays.

The participants who raised flags of the formers South Yemen and flags of Kuwait, demanded the release of the Hassan Ba'aom, the major Southern Movement leader in prison.

The participants also demanded the Southern Movement leaders to reach a solution to the unification of the southern movement that is witnessing clear divisions.


* Photograph of protestors raising flags of South Yemen and Kuwait in al-Mahfed. December 25, 2010.


Traditional Festival Turns into Southern Movement Demonstration in Al Shehr

Observed By: Mr. Alaa Isam

Sources in the Southern Movement in al Shehr city, in Hadrmout province, said that a demonstration was suppressed by Yemeni security forces in the city, that marked a traditional festival.

Southern Movement supporters could penetrate into the crowds of the people who were watching the traditional festival, chanting slogans against the unification of Yemen, which caused security forces to suppress the crowds.

Reportedly, the security forces shot randomly, beating two demonstrators, then arresting them before other demonstrators could stop the arrest by a human-blockade that caused the soldiers to release the two young men.

Al Sher city is witnessing tight security measures after the incident, anticipating other protests.


Amendment could make Yemen's Saleh life-president

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Yemen's parliament is discussing a draft amendment to the constitution under which President Ali Abdullah Saleh could be made life-president, a lawmaker with the ruling party said on Wednesday.

Saleh's General People's Congress is discussing a proposed constitutional amendment that stipulates "cancelling the limit of two consecutive terms" for which a president can be elected, a member of the party told AFP

If the GPC-dominated parliament passes the amendment, Saleh could become president for life because he "could reelect himself without limits."

Saleh, who has been in power for 32 years, was reelected in September 2006 for another seven-year term.

The proposed amendment will be submitted to a referendum, which will be held simultaneously with parliamentary elections on April 27, another GPC member said.

This initiative is likely to heighten already simmering tensions in Yemen, where the opposition has threatened to boycott the upcoming elections over an amendment of the electoral law which the parliament approved on December 11.

That amendment, originally proposed along with other political reforms in 2009, stated that the high electoral commission be composed of judges rather than delegates from parties represented in parliament, as was previously the case.

The constitutional amendment sparked an opposition sit-in on Wednesday outside parliament in Sanaa in which dozens of protesters held up banners reading: "No to rigged elections", "No to corruption" and "Yes to dialogue."

The mandate of the current parliament was extended by two years to April 2011 following the February 2009 agreement between the GPC and opposition parties to allow dialogue on political reform.

Reforms that were to be discussed included a shift from a presidential regime to a proportional representation parliamentary system and further decentralisation of government -- measures that have not been implemented.

The dialogue has stalled, however, as the committee formed for the purpose has been able to meet only once.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Southern Movement Protests on Southern Prisoner Day, Demands Riyadh Conference for Support

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

A statement issued by the organizers of the "Southern Prisoner Day, " in al-Habilyn city (southern Yemen) called the next Riyadh conference of the Friends of Yemen to "recognize the case of the south" adding that "any support for the warlords in Sana'a is support for terrorism".

The statement called upon all the people of the south, "without exception," to "support thesouthern cause, " asserting that "the south is for all its citizens except those who refuse."

The protesters carried pictures of the former southern Presidents, Ali Nasser Mohammad, Haidar Abu Bakr Al-Attas, Ali Salem al-Beidh, while it was noticeable the absence of the green flags that were called to be raised in the demonstrations by "Ali al-Beidh."

Azzan city, center of the district of Mayfa'a in Shabwa province, witnessed a similar protest attended by a number of leaders of the Southern Movement in the district, including Ahmed Nasser, a leading figure in the district, while Lauder and al-Mahfed also witnessed similar protests on the Southern Prisoner Day.

The statement of al-Habilyn protest condemned "the ongoing military campaign on Radfan, the militarization of civilian life, killings, siege, and the bombing on cities in Radfan and all provinces of the extorted state," and called "upon all the people of Radfan especially, and the South in general to the lineup, cohesion, and standing as one to face these ongoing attacks and stick to the peaceful and civilized struggle."


Tribal Militants Kidnap Four Northern Yemenis

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Local sources in the city of al-Habilyn in Lahej province (southern Yemen) reported kidnapping four northern Yemenis by tribal militants, in the city that witness raising violence since the assassination of a southern activist in the city by the Yemeni army, followed by violent clashes caused the death of several soldiers.

Reportedly, three of the kidnapped northern Yemenis have been held in the morning and among those three is an arms dealer, who, as the kidnappers say, was the last one who phoned "Tanbah," the Southern Movement activist who was assassinated by the Yemeni army.

According to the sources, the fourth is an investor, and has been held separately, while he was found carrying an authorization stamp of the "General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of Defense and Security Department," while no information if he was sent by the government or for private reasons.

The city of al-Habilyn was later exposed to violent shelling from two camps in the surrounding the city, while there are no reports about death or wounded cases till the moment.



* Photograph of the Southern Movement activist assassinated by the Yemeni army.

Representative of US organization hides in Islamic veil to participate in a social activity in Marib eastern Yemen

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Heather Thiran , a Representative of the US National Democratic Institute NDI in Yemen left Sana'a yesterday to Mare province east of Yemen wearing Yemeni Islamic veil which enabling her to hide and passing the military check point to reach the area .

Mrs.Thiran ignored the US and EU warnings to not leave Sana'a without official permission when she insisted to participate in a social event organized by group of human rights activists in Mareb. She also attended the establishing of the Youth Council for Peace and Development that aims to work against extremism and terrorism culture. Heather welcomed by the tribes that received her with great welcome and appreciation. Photo by : Mareb press

Source: in Arabic

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yemeni Government Releases Southern Movement Activists and Arrests Another

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Media sources in the Southern Movement in Lahj province said that the security authorities have released, on Monday, dozens of detainees from the districts of Radfan and al-Dhali in local prisons in the city of Aden, the largest southern Yemeni city. The detainees had been arrested on the morning of last November 30, when security forces thwart a rally protest had been intended to be organized by the Southern Movement on the anniversary of the Independence Day.

Among the released, Professor Hussein al-Akil and the activists Fhdel Hussein al-Nakhbi, Saleh Bin Saleh, Mahmoud Mohammed Saleh, Whdah al-Halimi, and Arif Abd al-Halimi, who announced launching hunger strike a few days after their arrest.

On the hand, security forces arrested the Southern Movement activist, Mehdar al-Kildi, while he was in a market place in Aden.


* Photograph of the Southern Movement activist Mehdar al-Kildi.

Armed Southern Faction Abducts Yemeni Officer to Exchange Him With Southern Movement Detainees

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

The armed faction of the Southern Movement 'Brigades of Saru Hemiar,' which adopts armed struggle for an independent state in the south and that is active in the area of al-Askaria in Yafie, in the province of Lahej (Southern Yemen), has captured a northern officer at Saturday night, adding "we captured the officer and we will treat him according to the laws of the rights of prisoners".

Taher Tamah, the leader of Saru Hemiar, said to the Aden News Agency, this morning, "The prisoner named Mohammed Ali Abdullah Hdwin, an officer in the Military Police in the rank of captain and holds the number (56935), and he is a tribal sheikh of Khawlan Tribes in northern Yemen».

Khawlan Tribes grouping is considered one of the largest tribal groupings in northern Yemen, and has a broad number of members in the Yemeni government and the army sectors, which are controlled by Sanhan tribes in which President Ali Abdullah Saleh belongs to.

"We do not want anything except the release of our detainees; his freedom is for our prisoners' freedom, and the officer will remain under our care and what keeps his right as a prisoner, and we are not like them in the treatment of prisoners and detainees," Tamah added.

"Brigades of Seru Hemiar" has implemented a number of abductions of Yemeni soldiers in the rural areas of south Yemen, as well as armed tribal militants in the region of Radfan abducted a number of soldiers in the past few weeks, and exchanging them with a mediator sheikh, arrested while he was mediating between the Yemeni army and the militants to release the detainee.

"Brigades of Seru Hemiar" armed southern faction calls for an independent state in southern Yemen through an armed struggle, in contrast to the rest of the Southern Movement factions, which emphasizes the peaceful call for independence and liberation of the south, according to communiqué issued by each of them.

These developments come within intermittent armed clashes in the area of Radfan, while the Yemeni army shelled the surrounding mountains of al-Habilyn violently last night.

Sheikhs of Radfan held a meeting yesterday, and denied any military solution, since it will result serious repercussions.

The area of Radfan is witnessing great military reinforcements at the southern entrance of Radfan "al-Melah town," reached the area coming from the northern province of Taiz and led by the Minister of Defense, Mohammed Nasser Ahmed (from southern Yemen).


* 1st and 2nd Photographs of the damage of Yemen Army's shelling on Al-Habilyn. December 16, 2010 and 3rd photograph of Taher Tammah.




Three Soldiers Killed in Southern Yemen

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

A body of a Yemeni soldier was found in al-Habilyn, on Friday, to raise the number of the dead of yesterday's clashes to four.

The body, according to local sources, was found in the area near the Military Sector that witnessed violent clashes between tribal militants and the soldiers inside it.

The sources added that the clashes are still occurring in the area, where the militants are laying siege to the Military Sector, while rumors have been widely spread that military orders allowed the military to use the air-forces to strike the area, a thing that caused many people to evacuate the town of al-Habilyn.

The town of al-Habilyn was shelled violently during the whole night, while armed clashes were heard in all over the town that is located in a main road links Sana'a, the Yemeni capital, with Aden, the largest city of South Yemen.

The Southern Movement on the other hand, has released a statement calling the people to a "day of anger" to protest against Tambah, who was killed when security forces attempted to capture him, yesterday.

Separately, two soldiers were killed at a security checkpoint in Abyan province, the attackers used a minibus, motorcycles, and machine guns to attack the soldiers who were getting ready to perform their prayers.


Yemen releases 40 southern separatist activists

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Yemeni security authorities released 40 southern separatist activists in a jail in the southern city port of Aden, a provincial security official told Xinhua on Tuesday. "The 40 were released late Monday after spending more than a month in Al-Mansura Jail in Aden for their involvement in riots and violent protests against the national unity, security forces and governmental authorities," the official told Xinhua by phone on condition of anonymity. He said all the released were from Radfan city of Lahj province. "The release came upon directives from the Interior Ministry," he added. On Saturday, an armed wing of the Yemeni separatist Southern Movement snatched an army officer en-route from Aden to Sanaa in a checkpoint they established in the southern province of Lahj to press for the release of a number of their activists, a security official of the Interior Ministry told Xinhua. "It is a dangerous development that the armed separatists began to establish their own checkpoints for terrorizing passengers along the safest highway in Lahj that links major southern provinces to the north," the official said on condition of anonymity. Northern and southern parts of Yemen unified in 1990 under a deal between the People's General Congress and the Yemeni Socialist Party. However, the deal fell apart which led to a crisis between the two allies and turned into a civil war in 1994. Sanaa has come under mounting pressure from Washington and the international community which asked the Yemeni government to solve its internal conflicts and focus on fighting Yemen-based resurgent al-Qaida regional wing.


President Saleh refuses to meet US official after Wikileaks cables

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

President Ali Abdullah Saleh refused to receive the US Assistant Secretary of the State Department's Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, in protest to Wikileaks cables on Yemen, al-Ahaly independent weekly quoted special sources as saying.

Feltman said in a news conference in the US embassy in Sana'a last week that the US government was embarrassed by Wikileaks revelations and should communicate with 185 countries to express apology for what revealed by Wikileaks. “Diplomacy is based on trust and we must preserve this property, " said Feltman.

However, Feltman ruled out that Wikileaks might affect the Yemeni-US cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

President Saleh's political adviser, Abdulkarim al-Iryani, said in an interview with France 24 that Wikileaks dispatches have not disturbed relations with the US government, but he said the revelations embarrassed the United States.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Hundreds Commemorate The Anniversary of Al-Majala

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Council of the Peaceful Movement in al-Mahfed district commemorated the anniversary of the al-Majala incident, in which air strikes caused the killing of tens of children and women on December 17, last year.

Hundreds of people from the district of al-Mahfed and from neighboring areas came over to participate in the protest, raising flags of former South Yemen and banners censure the incident.

Speakers demanded to try the responsible for the "massacre", adding the "we won't be silent or calm down till the criminals get what they deserve and regaining our independent country."

They also said that "the terrorism comes from the Presidential Palace in Sana'a," as many northern and southern opponents say.

* Photograph of people protesting in al-Mahfed district on the anniversary of al-Majala. December 16, 2010.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Protest in Al-Hablilyn Followed by Clashes Cause 3 Dead

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Thousands of people in the district of al-Habilyn, in Radfan area, one of the strongholds of the Southern Movement that demands an independent state in the south of Yemen, protested on Thursday demanding the release of some Southern Movement dees.

The protest was launched on a main road that links the Yemeni capital (Sana'a) with Aden, the largest city of the south of Yemen, while protesters raised flags of the former South Yemen, and chanted slogans against Yemen's unity and others support the Southern Movement demands.

It was noticeable that none of the Southern Movement leaders attended the protest except Khsim Othman al-Da'ari, while no statement was released in the protest.

A number of Southern Movement leaders have expressed concern that the political disputes among the leadership of the Supreme Council of the Peaceful Movement, the most widespread faction of the Southern Movement, would shadow over the protests of the movement, which the higher bodies of the Council witness unprecedented split begun to threaten the Council to be divided into three groups, each claiming legitimacy in representing the Supreme Council.

Later in the city of al-Habilyn, armed clashes broke out for unknown reasons caused the injury of four people among them two soldiers.

Sources in the city assured that 4 of the injured have died later


the Pictures of tells what happen today...

News Source:

Violence resumed in Abyan: Dead and Wounded in Two Separate Attacks

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Local sources in the district of Lauder in the southern Yemeni province of Abyan, said to the Aden News Agency that unidentified armed men targeted, at dawn, a military vehicle known locally as "Humaida" was guarding a tank of water belongs to the Yemeni military establishment of the district.

The sources added that the incident occurred near the town of al-Ein that is located in the district of Lauder in Abyan province. The vehicle was targeted by an (RPG) and left great damage in addition to 3 wounded at least some were serious.

The water tank is specialized for soldiers of the military establishments in the region and it had been targeted several times in the past, most recently was on Tuesday, last November 30, and caused the death of one soldier and wounding another.

And in Abyan too, a southern officer was killed, late last night, in the district of Je'ar in Abyan province. The dead named "Abdullah al-Khaial", and was killed at a security checkpoint, where his body was found without knowing who was behind the murder.


Al-Mukalla: Agents Detain Two Children

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Security agents have arrested two children in the city of Mukalla, center of Hadrmout province and the second largest city in the south, after clashes with children and young people in al-Deesneighborhood during the passage of a vehicle to transport prisoners to the Central Prison.

Sources in the southern movement in the city said to the Aden News Agency that security agents have detained the children after a hit and run between security and boys in the neighborhood. Aden News Agency has got the names of the two children: Bakhit Omer al-Asani (13 years) and Hamzah Ahmed al-Jabri (12 years) and took them to an unknown location.


Postpone of Consideration of an Appeal Against Death Sentence of Al-Markashi

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Human rights sources said to the Aden News Agency that the hearing on the appeal that was submitted by the defense of the prisoner, "Ahmad Omar Abbadi Al-Mrakeshi," was postponed to January 4, 2011.

The sources said that today's meeting was determined to be in the late evening on Monday suddenly, and without sufficient time to make the lawyer of "Al-Mrakashi" attend the session, who lives in the city of Aden, the major southern city.

At today's meeting where they had been brought "Al-Mrakashi" to the courtroom, the newly appointed judge denied the existence of any case file with him, or a request to appeal the case to him, but "Al-Markashi" confirmed that he was handed over to the former judge at a previous meeting, and demanded the presence of his lawyer.

The judge, "Hani Sultan Saeed al-Rubaie" judge the Court of South West Secretariat of the Yemeni capital Sana'a had sentenced "Ahmad Omar Abbadi Almrakeci" to death, on Sunday morning July 11, on a charge of killing a person called Salah Tarek al-Masri, while al-Markashi was doing his job as a guardian of the al-Ayyam Newspaper during clashes between him and unknown militants.


Lawyer Al-Halmi: Death Sentence of Faris is Invalid Legally

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Lawyer Arif Al-Halmi said that the defense of the defendant in the case of Al-Wehda Sports Club bombings has agreed to the sentence for "Ali Abdullah," and others, adding, "I am the representative of the accused, Ali Abdullah, and about the judgment of Faris and Raid, unfortunately," the judgment violates the provisions of the law very clearly, as it condemns Faris without forensic evidences, and when we say without a proof, it means according to the law, and the Article (321) of the Code of the Criminal Procedure says "no conviction except upon evidence" and evidence must be legal, and the Court must not relay on any evidence before submitting it and must not have any evidence that has no strength before submitting it to the court. "

The Criminal Court in Aden has decided a death sentence to the accused, Faris Abdullah Saleh, and the detention of another, Abdullah Saleh, (brother of Faris) and acquitted three others on Saturday in a session presided over by the judge, "Muhammad Al-Abyad ".

Al-Halmi in his statement to the Aden News Agency said adding: "unfortunately Faris has been convicted by illegal and fraudulent allegations by the Criminal Court, because his file was stuffed, including what they said as confessions of Faris, in addition to remaining in custody for a long time exceeded the legal period, and the violation of the inviolability of the house of Faris's relatives when he was abducted illegally and violated the sanctity of the home without any court order and any legal justification. "

AL-Halmi added "Faris told the prosecutor that he was tortured while taking statements, he was the prosecutor must have investigated beating him before hearing his statements, and he was also jailed in the Criminal Investigation Department where he was questioned within the administration itself and was not transferred, including that in the first session I was threatened, I am "Aref Al-Halmi," the volunteering counsel in the case, in the courtroom by the security commander of the Sixth Area, then the attack on Al Jazeera television crew from the same security system, who investigated Faris, then arrested the lawyer, "Arif Alhalmi." Those violations that are contrary to the provisions of the law in Article (7) , (14), (15), and (16) of the Code of the Criminal Procedure, which ordered not to arrest without a court order, and taking statements by gaining a hearing is also a violation of law and the seizure of freedom is punishable according to the domestic and international law, as well as the violations of Articles (136), (138), and (139) of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the illegal inspection that must be subjected by the orders of the Attorney General, and the court can only punish someone according to an evidence came in a legitimate way, and when the evidence is illegal, then the conviction is not valid, so the conviction is an invalid decision in accordance with Article (396) and (397) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, these things are clear and this Article also exists in the international laws. "

Al-Halmi said that the defense appealed after the judge's decision, "Mohammed Al-Abyad," who was handed the appeal after the sentence, and noted that some "had been dealing with the issue to enhance his reputation and for his personal service only."

Al-Halmi called to stand against these false judgments "in all ways and the legitimate right of self-defense" also called the people to know the truth of these provisions and to stand against them.


* Photograph of lawyer Al-Halmi (first from left) in the trial of the issue of Al-Wehda Sports Club bombings that took place in last mid-October.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Two Soldiers Seriously Injured in Gunmen Attack in Shabwa

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

At least two security soldiers were wounded on Sunday when a group of gunmen attacked a checkpoint at the entrance of Nesab district of Shabwa province, local media reported.

The militants with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launched attack from their hideouts at a valley near the checkpoint, the sources added.

he Yemeni government has intensified security operations and against gunmen groups after six soldiers had been kidnapped by militant groups in Al-Dale province earlier this week.


Families of Southern Detainees in Ibb: Communication Has Stopped

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Families of the southern detainees in the northern province of Ibb, who were transferred on Friday to the house of director of the Central Prison in the city, said that they communication with them has stopped since late last evening after they told them that they were taken out of prison and they are expected to stay at the prison director's house in Ibb in addition to a sheikh's house called "Al-Waili" until transferring them to the south.

According to the families, the detainees were asked by the prison director on Friday, after being transferred from prison to his home, to sign a pledge not to engage in any political activity affects the "unity of Yemen" in reference to the protests of the Southern Movement demands of the independence.

Adding that Hassan Ba'aom strongly rejected this as the rest of the detainees, who all confirmed that they don't recognize the unity nor the Yemeni authorities, which were said to be "occupying the south."


The Main Suspect of Al-Wehda Bombings Sentenced to Death

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

A death sentence was ruled by the judge of the Specialized Penal Court against the main suspect in the bombing case of Al-Wehda Sports Club in Aden, last October, which caused the death of five people and the injury of several others.

The session was chaired by judge Mohammed al-Abiad, who sentenced the accused to death, "Faris Abdullah Saleh," another one for five years in prison and acquitted the three others.

Four people were killed, and others were wounded in the blasts that aimed at the Al-Wehda Sports Club in northern Aden, the largest city of southern Yemen, at about half past eight local time (05:30 GMT) on Monday, October 11, as it was reported by sources in the city.

Al-Wehda Stadium is within the stadiums earmarked to host the Gulf Cup 20 event at its twentieth session, hosted in Aden during the period from 22 November to December 5, and ended with the coronation of Kuwait national team for the Gulf Cup champion for the tenth time.

The government of Yemen, which faces a growing protesting movement in the south raises the slogans of independence, accused the southern movement of being behind the incident and linked between the accused and the Southern Movement leaders taking advantage of some statements of some Southern Movement factions of rejecting the establishment of the Gulf 20 in a land that is described as "occupied.

Defendants denied any connection with the bombings and their relatives considered that the Yemeni authorities are trying to achieve gains at the expense of "truth and freedom of the people."


* 1st Photograph of accused in the Al-Wehda Club bombings October 27, 2010.

* 2nd Photograph of the main suspect of the bombings (Faris Abdullah Saleh) during his trial October 27, 2010.


Soldiers kidnapped as anger flares in south Yemen

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Angry protests erupted in secessionist hotspots in south Yemen and gunmen kidnapped seven soldiers at the weekend after a southerner was sentenced to death on Saturday for a bombing in Aden in October.

Widespread protests have paralysed the towns, both southern secessionist strongholds, since a court handed down a death sentence to Faris Abdullah Saleh for bombing an Aden sports club in October, a month before the port city was due to host a regional soccer tournament, the Gulf Cup. (Reuters)