Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What we can expect more!?

a year has passed since Ansar Al-Share'a announced their Islamic Emirate in the Capital of Abyan (Zainjebar) beside Ja'ar city which changed its name to (Weqar). For about year, the  rest of families who are still there get military attacks from Yemeni Army, and military ships (US, British and French) that are close to Shoqra coast that belong to Abyan Province as well as US drones. Also, people there speak about participation of Saudi Air craft. Simply it is the hell, on daily bases, for families who chose to stay rather than to flee to Aden schools.

Ansar Al-Share'a  is an organic group belongs to AQAP aiming, based on their definition, to stretch to create Islamic caliphate .In Khor Makser district - Aden, that is close to Abyan Province, you can hear  sounds of furious military battles breaking peace sound that is loved by Adeni families.

In Khor Makser district as well, clearly you can read statements on streets' walls such as (We want to implement Allah religious law), (We want an Islamic caliphate ) and (Coming to liberate Jerusalem ), as well as drawing  the flag of Ansar Al-Share'a in their Islamic Emirate on the Wall of Yemenia Airline Office ! 

I met ,in person, young people live in Crater area - Aden, in an area  called (Al-Khusaf). They joined Ansar Al-Share'a for an amount of money about 1000.000 YER as well as a Kalashnikov. And when I asked them about the return for this big amount of money that equals about 5000 USD and the Kalashnikov ?,  " We pledged our prince on hearing and obedience, and commitment to implement  what we are ordered  at any time " one of them answered.

Among the five young men I met, no one  finished his university degree nor  is married and they all shared same backgrounds (Family disputes and low economic situation). They do not seem to be Islamic extremists too!

One of them assured me that there are many  deployed in all districts of Aden. A while ago, a website called (Aden News Agency) reported about  a Place that is believed to be a jihadi Islamic groups practicing  venue at night in a mountain  called "Qwareer"  between Serah and Malla'a ! 

Back to Abyan, recently Mr. President of Yemen "Hadi" made his orders to liberate the capital of Abyan and Ja'ar city .But the fierce fighting on the ground drive me to confirm that the process of liberation from the grip of Ansar Al-Share'a may need more than only  military operations and  U.S drones !

Video broadcasted by Maded News Agency that belongs to Ansar Al-Share'a, shows families accepted to be ruled by Allah religious law, which is  implemented by Ansar Al-Share'a ,and they thanked them for their efforts !

In their Islamic Emirate ,Ansar Al-Share'a did not focus too much on military side, but made services to people who wish to rest years of suffering ! Services like Financial assistance and food in addition to medical services, electricity and water.  The Two services :electricity and water that are ,in the economic and commercial capital of united Yemen (Aden), cut off around 12 hours a day and the water stopped for about 24 hours a week! 

In fact, what happened in Abyan tells us clearly that the ordinary citizen does not care about what politicians are saying nor  care about the fight against terrorism, not even the unity of Yemen! .Instead  they care  about who will give them the most basic necessities of life in areas not accustomed to such a situation before the time of the Yemeni unity  , as the services and food were provided by the socialist government for all citizens in south Yemen.

Finally, the Military operations and U.S drones will support the idea of Ansar Al-Share'a members distribution around Yemen! And Perhaps will be usual to see the remains of the dead bodies here and there across Yemen! who knows ! Hunger ravaging the citizens like wildfire!

written by: Alaa Isam - Aden

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Amena , The Little innocent refugee girl in Yemen asking for Help

When you are a refugee , it is a problem
When you are a child refugee , is a complicated problem
When you are a sick refugee child , that's what is called a misery
But this girl still has hope . When you see her , she smiles at you although she can hardly see you. You know why ? because cancer did not excuse her age or need and made her partially blind. She has no friends because they get scared when they see her and older people tend not to let their kids to play with Amena claiming that her disease is contagious and will affect other kids too.
Amena had a genetic skin disease that was not cured or even diagnosed and this caused skin cancer. She needs skin check ups and special diagnosis and unfortunately they are not available in Yemen.Skin Cancer is treated by Radiation , but the type of Radiation in Yemen is very hard on children. Thus , Amena needs to be treated outside Yemen by the suitable radiation.
With your contribution , Amena will keep smiling , but a healthy smile ,free of cancer .
Source : http://worldpulse.com/node/52547