Thursday, July 1, 2010

House of Light Foundation issues the first e-book Twitter guide for all users

On the occasion of World Day for Social Media,

House of Light Foundation issues the first e-book Twitter guide for all users


be On the occasion of International Day for the "social media", which is decided to celebrated on June 30, House of Light Foundation is pleased to release its first e- under the title of Twitter guide for all users, prepared by the Executive Director of the Foundation Sahar Saeed Nuraddin.

The Foundation said in a press release that Twitter guide for all users is a simplified guide that provides assistance to Arab users to interact with twitter in the context of the new media or social media in a simplified and useful way. The guide includes a collection of information supported with pictures that show how to set an account and interact with it as well as how to get into twitter in business.

The guide is considered the first edition of House of Light Foundation, through which it aims to enrich the Arabic content with books that strengthen Arabic interaction with social media tools.

The association has clarified through its press that whoever is interested in obtaining a copy of the e-book, kindly contact the foundation through its email:

House of light foundation is an independent non-governmental organization, which aims to influence and bring about positive social change in society through the creation of effective leadership, and capacity building to cope with the development and its requirements.

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