Saturday, May 5, 2012

Amena , The Little innocent refugee girl in Yemen asking for Help

When you are a refugee , it is a problem
When you are a child refugee , is a complicated problem
When you are a sick refugee child , that's what is called a misery
But this girl still has hope . When you see her , she smiles at you although she can hardly see you. You know why ? because cancer did not excuse her age or need and made her partially blind. She has no friends because they get scared when they see her and older people tend not to let their kids to play with Amena claiming that her disease is contagious and will affect other kids too.
Amena had a genetic skin disease that was not cured or even diagnosed and this caused skin cancer. She needs skin check ups and special diagnosis and unfortunately they are not available in Yemen.Skin Cancer is treated by Radiation , but the type of Radiation in Yemen is very hard on children. Thus , Amena needs to be treated outside Yemen by the suitable radiation.
With your contribution , Amena will keep smiling , but a healthy smile ,free of cancer .
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