Sunday, November 21, 2010

24 hours prior to Gulf 20 launch:

Great dissatisfaction prevails sport fans in Aden due to entrance tickets reservation

Reported: Nashwan Al-Othmani
Translated by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Great dissatisfaction prevails sport fans in Aden due to gulf 20 entrance tickets reservation by concerned authorities which is going to be launched tomorrow, Monday November, 22nd, 2010.

Even 24 hours prior to launching the championship with the match between Saudi Arabia and Yemen tomorrow afternoon, the fans of football are still in confusion. we had some calls to investigate the ticket issue , but failed to get a clear answer from the authority supervising the championship.

Resources reveal to us that reserving tickets is a precautious measure to prevent Southern Movement fellows from entering the 22 May stadium which will be the place of holding most of the matches beside unification (Alwahda) stadium in Abyan. Some rumors were spread that most of the audiences in stadiums will be security personnel wearing civil outfits for the same reason. On the other hand, other resources revealed for us that Abu Dhabi Channel , the exclusive owner of the championship rights and responsible of tickets , has offered only 3500 tickets so far.

Security Authorities fear of chanting hostile slogans against Sana'a regime in front of Satellite TV channels which will be strongly present in the championship. Another fear is from provocation of riots during the matches which may lead to championship obstructing or failure.

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