Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When Saleh Wants!

Written by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Still the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh the most characters have the potential to do much, he is the man who cannot let others see him weak. Which is what actually happened in Gulf20 that held in Aden?

Maybe someone asks: what is the purpose of attendance to both Djibouti's President and Eritrean’s President in the Gulf20 Cup Opening ceremony?

Some politicians speaks about number of Gulf Princes did not show any desire and interests to attend the opening event, this comes as expression of their concern about increasing security risks in Yemen. What was however, from the Yemeni President just to convince the Presidents of Djibouti and Eritrea to attend; the intention to deliver the message that “Yemen is located in a Vital region of the world, it is depth strategic security to Gulf States and stabilizing important member in the Red Sea and Horn of Africa “– that is as understood by some Yemeni Politician.

President Saleh, who was keen from the outset that Aden holding Gulf20; was keen on the Opening the Championship himself, also transferred all his ministers and aids to Aden City in order to make it non-stop workshop beside solving number of Issues that concern Southern, at the same time to supervise himself on the event activities in order to course of the tournament in the way should be.

Private resource and close to ruling regime in Yemen, told me that Yemeni regime made conclude a truce deal state on “Temporary Security” with Al-Qaeda in Yemen; on the other hand, made the same deal with the Leaders of the factions of the southern movement; Where Al-Qaeda has committed to halt its activities until the end of this year.

The source add that the agreement was approved by the leaders of various factions of the southern movement and been rejected by Hussain Ba’oum which led to his arrest temporarily.

Certainly, the sincerity of the source upon which I wrote this article, proves that President Saleh when he wants he is able to achieve what he wants, and here the question appears: is not it time for President Saleh to make a Positive change for his people?

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