Monday, February 21, 2011


Written by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Mr President, your citizens today are being killed by the bullets of the security forces. The same security forces that are supposed to be protecting the citizen, and are instead protecting your regime and the hired hands you call upon when you need people to chant for you in the streets in the most vulgar manner. Unfortunately, vulgar is the best word to use to describe those who you surround yourself with, and even possibly yourself.

Mr President, the winds of change have reached the region, and the great Yemeni nation is today on the streets chanting loudly that they exempt you from continuing your rule. Have you not said that you have had enough of ruling? Then you must present your resignation immediately so that the next generation of the youth of Yemen can rule.

Mr President, I value your past struggles, and what you have done for Yemen. However, today we hear grim divisive calls; southerners and northerners, tribal people and non tribal people, Zaydis and Shafi’is, Houthis and Salafis. All of this contributes to a real imminent danger to our great nation. Your departure is the only way we can maintain the safety and peace of this country.

Mr President, today you are supported by the uneducated and those in need of the 3000 Riyals that the General People’s Congress (GPC) give to them in Sanaa, and the 1000 Riyals that they give in Taiz, and the 5000 Riyals that they give in Aden. This is a false attempt to establish support for you, and only serves to increase the congestion in the street. Therefore, I request that you do no believe them, as they do not understand that your own interests lie in preserving your legacy. They only think of their own narrow interests. We want you to resign in an honourable way, and not in the same pitiful manner that Mubarak and Ben Ali were removed in Egypt and Tunisia respectively. I call you to listen, even just once, to the voice of the people.

Mr President, I give you the news that your people have matured. They want change and can achieve it. Your youth are dedicated to achieving change in their country, so that they can have a civilised and better life, far away from the robbing of wealth, and the concern for individual interests, and the lies to the nation, that have become so normal in the past.

Mr President, I honestly believe that you bring nothing new. In the 12 years you ruled North Yemen, and in the 21 years you have ruled a united Yemen, you have not brought about anything new that deserves to be mentioned. In the 33 years you have ruled Somalia has pressed to take the island of Socotra, Eritrea attacked the Hanish Islands, you gave up Assir, Najran, and other areas to Saudi Arabia, in addition to the civil war in 1994, and the 6 wars from 2004 till 2010 against the sons of our great nation in Sa’ada and Amran.

Mr President, leave.


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