Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lost Yemeni Jewish boy returns home

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Yemen - After being lost for about two days in Raida district of Amran province, Benyamin Amran al-Nahari, an 8 year old kid returned back home on Monday morning.

Binyamin was lost suddenly on last Saturday while Jews used to practice religious rites on Saturdays. Saturday is their day off in which they fast. We suddenly found him at an area called Orgat al-Qudaimi. Then we took him back home, Ibrahim Yahiya told Yemen Observer, one of Binyamin relatives. By saying that, Yahiya defused what some media published about the story.

They believed that it was a kidnapping issue and that happened as a result of sentencing the murderer of the Jew Masha al-Nahari to death as they attributed this news to Jewish source. So kidnappers can then forcibly convince Jews to waive the issue of executing the murderer Abdul-Aziz al-Abdain. Yahiya said that none of these things occurred and it was an ordinary accident that may happen to any kid in the age of Binyamin.

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