Monday, February 7, 2011

Saudi Arabia exports to Yemen, thousands of tons of clothing carcinogens

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Trade sources said a Yemeni resident in Saudi Arabia thatthousands of tonnes of garments, which showed the results of testsconducted by laboratories Saudi samples of garments as carcinogenic, and contain materials harmful to the health consumer,prevented from entering the Saudi market has been booked by the authorities in Jeddah Islamic Port, and forced Owners to re-exportoutside the Kingdom.

The majority of those traders are of Yemeni expatriates and they are currently working on re-export of goods that to Yemen, in addition to the purchase of goods from the traders of non-Yemenis at very low prices and re-exported to Yemen, and from there re-export of goods from traders of non-Yemenis to Yemen itself as being the closest and least the cost and the broader market and popular and less scrutiny in the field of consumer health, and according to the newspaper "Elaf " of Yemen.

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