Friday, February 11, 2011

Two Soldiers kidnapped in Lahj

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

At least two soldiers were kidnapped by armed men belonging to Southern Movement in Radfan, Lahj.

The two soldiers, who were kidnapped on Thursday from military headquarters, were taken to Habeel Gaber district, sources told media outlets.

In return, tribal sources told the Yemen Post that armed group belonging to Anes tribe kidnapped four citizens from Lahj in response to the kidnapping of the two soldiers in which one of them belonged to Anes tribe.

Yesterday, unidentified armed men in Lahj province intercepted a vehicle at the entrance of Habeleen district on its way to the military headquarters in the province, stealing three million Yemeni rials, ($15000).

Last week, three civilians were injured in Radfan, Lahj, after forces randomly shelled the town following firing on a military vehicle by unknown armed people.

Tens of houses were damaged and families fled the town due to the deteriorating situation, amid an acute fuel shortage and lack of phone services.

Military reinforcements have been deployed to Radfan in recent months to fight separatist militants who have stepped up their attacks, targeting military posts and public property.

Lahj is one of the southern cities hit by violence where the separatist movement, Al-Harak, continues the anti-government protests that usually turn violent.


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