Friday, December 23, 2011

Press Release from House of Light Foundation in Aden City

The Yemeni Center for Human Rights and Beeatona " our environment" organization and in collaboration with House of Light Foundation have finished a workshop targeted 25 participants from various youth initiatives and foundations in Aden. The workshop theme is to engage youth in development and social peace in areas of armed conflict and it aims to contribute in providing a sustainable protecting environment to reinforce community contribution in development.

In a press release , Amal Almakhedhi , executive manager of Yemeni centre of human rights, declared that this workshop aimed to distribute initial information on a number of life skills that will contribute in boosting the next stage of the project , which will include implementation of activities by the participants in their provinces. The participants have selected the issues that increase conflict in Aden as lawlessness and importance of enforcing the national identity.

On the other hand, Sahar Nuraddin , Executive Director of House of Light Foundation, emphasized on the importance of  collaboration between civil society organizations  to engage youth into development process. Further, she explained that House of Light Foundation adopts all youth initiatives and welcomes them to use its facilities which serve youth empowerment and engagement
Through the three days ,25 participants were trained on principles of human rights, role of media on youth engagement in community development, principles of voluntarism , documentation and monitoring, writing reports ,leadership and problem solving skills.

This training was conducted in Aden with partnership of Wedyan society for development , House of Light Foundation, Bader foundation for development, Women center for studies, Basmat Shabab initiative, Mawadda society and Aryab foundation for development.

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