Thursday, December 29, 2011

Press Release from House of Light Foundation in Aden

In Collaboration with House of Light Foundation (Aden), Eryab foundation (Sana'a)  organized a field visit to IDPs Schools for 20 trainees aiming to write humanitarian stories about IDPs situation and suffering. 

This visit comes as a conclusion of a training session on Social media and issues of refugees and IDPs conducted by Eryab Foundation for development and studies, in partnership with Canadian fund to support local Initiatives and ADRA.

Mohammed Shamuddin ,executive manager of Eryab, stated that the session took three days aiming to build capacity of 20 trainees on social media , writing reports and humanitarian stories  of IDPs and refugees.

On the Other hand, Sahar Nuraddin , Executive Director of House of Light Foundation, stated that this initiative comes as a follow up activity of an initiative with YEMEN PEACE PROJECT aiming  to assist IDPs last Ramadan with food.

This session was conducted in partnership of House of Light Foundation that hosted the training in its training hall , Beeatuna Organization and the Yemeni Center of Human Rights.

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