Thursday, December 16, 2010

Postpone of Consideration of an Appeal Against Death Sentence of Al-Markashi

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Human rights sources said to the Aden News Agency that the hearing on the appeal that was submitted by the defense of the prisoner, "Ahmad Omar Abbadi Al-Mrakeshi," was postponed to January 4, 2011.

The sources said that today's meeting was determined to be in the late evening on Monday suddenly, and without sufficient time to make the lawyer of "Al-Mrakashi" attend the session, who lives in the city of Aden, the major southern city.

At today's meeting where they had been brought "Al-Mrakashi" to the courtroom, the newly appointed judge denied the existence of any case file with him, or a request to appeal the case to him, but "Al-Markashi" confirmed that he was handed over to the former judge at a previous meeting, and demanded the presence of his lawyer.

The judge, "Hani Sultan Saeed al-Rubaie" judge the Court of South West Secretariat of the Yemeni capital Sana'a had sentenced "Ahmad Omar Abbadi Almrakeci" to death, on Sunday morning July 11, on a charge of killing a person called Salah Tarek al-Masri, while al-Markashi was doing his job as a guardian of the al-Ayyam Newspaper during clashes between him and unknown militants.


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