Monday, December 13, 2010

The Main Suspect of Al-Wehda Bombings Sentenced to Death

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

A death sentence was ruled by the judge of the Specialized Penal Court against the main suspect in the bombing case of Al-Wehda Sports Club in Aden, last October, which caused the death of five people and the injury of several others.

The session was chaired by judge Mohammed al-Abiad, who sentenced the accused to death, "Faris Abdullah Saleh," another one for five years in prison and acquitted the three others.

Four people were killed, and others were wounded in the blasts that aimed at the Al-Wehda Sports Club in northern Aden, the largest city of southern Yemen, at about half past eight local time (05:30 GMT) on Monday, October 11, as it was reported by sources in the city.

Al-Wehda Stadium is within the stadiums earmarked to host the Gulf Cup 20 event at its twentieth session, hosted in Aden during the period from 22 November to December 5, and ended with the coronation of Kuwait national team for the Gulf Cup champion for the tenth time.

The government of Yemen, which faces a growing protesting movement in the south raises the slogans of independence, accused the southern movement of being behind the incident and linked between the accused and the Southern Movement leaders taking advantage of some statements of some Southern Movement factions of rejecting the establishment of the Gulf 20 in a land that is described as "occupied.

Defendants denied any connection with the bombings and their relatives considered that the Yemeni authorities are trying to achieve gains at the expense of "truth and freedom of the people."


* 1st Photograph of accused in the Al-Wehda Club bombings October 27, 2010.

* 2nd Photograph of the main suspect of the bombings (Faris Abdullah Saleh) during his trial October 27, 2010.


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