Wednesday, December 1, 2010

General Strike Paralyzes Al-Mukall in Southern Yemen

Observed by : Mr. Alaa Isam

Mukalla city, southeastern Yemen, witnessed a general-strike, called by the Youth and Student Movement and the Board of the Peaceful Movement led by Abdulmajeed Bin Wagein and Abdulaziz Ba'hishuan, started at 6: A.M to 12:00 at noon, when life came back to the city, which had witnessed several raids and arrests to activists in the Southern Movement.

The strike achieved a high success in the neighborhoods of Alsalam, Alshaheed, and Alsaidadeen, where the streets were completely free of pedestrians and vehicles, and the shopkeepers closed their doors.

Military patrols were deployed heavily in the streets of the city that witnessed during the past few days a wave of protests and a campaign of arrests and raids on houses of activists in the Southern Movement.

Today's general-strike comes to commemorate the November 30, on which former South Yemen gained independence from Britain in 1967, and the declaration of the People's Republic of South Yemen by the National Front, which took over the reins of government following the withdrawal of Britain.

Today's strike also comes in conjunction with protests organized by Southern Movement in the provinces of Dhali, Lahej, Abyan and Shabwa, while Aden witnessed arrest of a group of people in the northern suburbs of the city to thwart a protest demonstration was expected to be set up today in the courtyard of al-Hashemi which military patrols were seen at some entrances of it.

And in the streets of the city of Alhami, graphics and logos, including paintings of the former flag of South Yemen, were spread in addition to statements calling for liberating and others glorifying the "revolution of the south."

The Southern Movement seeks through these protests and general-strikes to emphasize the extension of its control over the southern cities where the movement protests since 2007 against the backdrop of political and social demands then were raised to slogans call for independence and liberation.


* Photographs of the general strike conducted in al-Muakalla city, November 30, 2010. Source:

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