Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tribal Militants Kidnap Four Northern Yemenis

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Local sources in the city of al-Habilyn in Lahej province (southern Yemen) reported kidnapping four northern Yemenis by tribal militants, in the city that witness raising violence since the assassination of a southern activist in the city by the Yemeni army, followed by violent clashes caused the death of several soldiers.

Reportedly, three of the kidnapped northern Yemenis have been held in the morning and among those three is an arms dealer, who, as the kidnappers say, was the last one who phoned "Tanbah," the Southern Movement activist who was assassinated by the Yemeni army.

According to the sources, the fourth is an investor, and has been held separately, while he was found carrying an authorization stamp of the "General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of Defense and Security Department," while no information if he was sent by the government or for private reasons.

The city of al-Habilyn was later exposed to violent shelling from two camps in the surrounding the city, while there are no reports about death or wounded cases till the moment.



* Photograph of the Southern Movement activist assassinated by the Yemeni army.

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