Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shalal Ali Shaie: Security Tortured 18 Detainees

Observed By: Mr. Alaa Isam

A number of southern Yemeni cities witnessed some protests on the "Southern Prisoner's Day" protest that is launched every Thursday by the Southern Movement in order to demand the release of Southern Movement leaders and activists, who have been arrested through security campaigns or recently in scheduled protests during Gulf 20 in Aden.

Students protested in al-Shehr city in Hadrmout province (southeastern Yemen) to demand the release of Hassan Ahmed Ba'aom, who is arrested in the northern province of Ibb.

According to student sources, the director of Makarim al-Akhlaq school, threatened the students to dismiss them from the school.

Reportedly, the protest was suppressed by the security forces, while an unknown person was arrested.

Other protesters in al-Mahfed district, in Abyan province, chanted against the Yemeni unity and raised flags of the former South Yemen, in addition to green flags.

A massive protest was also staged in al-Habilyn, preceded by a rally procession led by Southern Movement leaders coming from Yafiea passing through al-Dhali before arriving al-Habilyn, that comes within activities to confirm some amendments to the Supreme Council of the Southern Movement, including signing official documents of the Council and to prepare for the "National Conference" of the Southern Movement.

Shalal Ali Shaie, the prominent leader in the Southern Movement, accused what he called "the occupation regime", through a speech in the protest, of torturing 18 southern detainees, and demanded the authorities to release them.

"The security transferred 18 detainees from al-Qahira prison to al-Memdara prison where they were tortured." He added.

The Yemeni security launched campaigns of arbitrary arrests on November 30, in al-Sheikh Othman city in Aden, on which the Southern Movement was supposed to stage a demonstration to celebrate the withdrawal of the British colonization.


* Photograph of people demonstrating in al-Mahfed. December 9, 2010.


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