Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Southern – Northern Alignment in Police station after insulting Couple Southern soldiers

Observed by : Mr. Alaa Isam

Resource said that number of southern soldiers in the City of Al-Qaten – Hadramout Province refused order from Director of Local Security that ask them to go down on streets to remove the sentences and flags that belong to southern that painted on the wall. December 1st 2010.

Based on this accident, the Local Security at Al-Qaten district has been forward the couple southern soldiers “Mubark Al-Ahmadi” and “Ali bin Ali Alhaj” to interrogation; while the Couple Southern soldiers explain that the given order was not part of their responsibility , it is tasks of street cleaners.

The same resource who is belong to south added; the name of the Director of Local Security is “Abdulaziz Al-Houti” threw his shoes at them and insulting them. After this the police station divided into Southern – Northern Alignment, therefore some of Southerns soldiers support “Mubark Al-Hmadi” and “Ali bin Ali Alhaj”.

Finally, the situation became tense until the moment.

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