Friday, December 10, 2010

The Release of the most prominent southern leader Hassan Ba’om and his colleagues

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Today December, 10th, 2010, the Local security of Ibb Province released the most prominent Southern leader Hassan Ba’om and his colleagues after they arrested nearly month ago.

On November, 9th, 2010; The security force had arrested “Hassan Ba’om” and his son “Fawaz” in addition of number of activists and leaders belong to Peaceful Southern Movement; Shikh Alenci, and Shikh Abdullah Rajah Yahri also the most known leader “Hussein Zaid” who represent Southern Movement in Abyan Province when they have been stopped in security check point at the city of Dhali’a when they came from Aden City. Then the security takes them to one of its prisons in Ibb Province; north of Yemen that is adjacent to Al-Dhalia’a province; south of Yemen.

The released people are now present in the house of the Director of Ibb Central Prison and expected to be hosted for another day in one of Ibb Province Sheikhs until they moved to the south.

Finally, I have been wrote in my last Article “When Saleh Wants” about the reason of arrest Hassan Ba’om ; and for more please take a look at it.

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