Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Armed Southern Faction Abducts Yemeni Officer to Exchange Him With Southern Movement Detainees

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

The armed faction of the Southern Movement 'Brigades of Saru Hemiar,' which adopts armed struggle for an independent state in the south and that is active in the area of al-Askaria in Yafie, in the province of Lahej (Southern Yemen), has captured a northern officer at Saturday night, adding "we captured the officer and we will treat him according to the laws of the rights of prisoners".

Taher Tamah, the leader of Saru Hemiar, said to the Aden News Agency, this morning, "The prisoner named Mohammed Ali Abdullah Hdwin, an officer in the Military Police in the rank of captain and holds the number (56935), and he is a tribal sheikh of Khawlan Tribes in northern Yemen».

Khawlan Tribes grouping is considered one of the largest tribal groupings in northern Yemen, and has a broad number of members in the Yemeni government and the army sectors, which are controlled by Sanhan tribes in which President Ali Abdullah Saleh belongs to.

"We do not want anything except the release of our detainees; his freedom is for our prisoners' freedom, and the officer will remain under our care and what keeps his right as a prisoner, and we are not like them in the treatment of prisoners and detainees," Tamah added.

"Brigades of Seru Hemiar" has implemented a number of abductions of Yemeni soldiers in the rural areas of south Yemen, as well as armed tribal militants in the region of Radfan abducted a number of soldiers in the past few weeks, and exchanging them with a mediator sheikh, arrested while he was mediating between the Yemeni army and the militants to release the detainee.

"Brigades of Seru Hemiar" armed southern faction calls for an independent state in southern Yemen through an armed struggle, in contrast to the rest of the Southern Movement factions, which emphasizes the peaceful call for independence and liberation of the south, according to communiqué issued by each of them.

These developments come within intermittent armed clashes in the area of Radfan, while the Yemeni army shelled the surrounding mountains of al-Habilyn violently last night.

Sheikhs of Radfan held a meeting yesterday, and denied any military solution, since it will result serious repercussions.

The area of Radfan is witnessing great military reinforcements at the southern entrance of Radfan "al-Melah town," reached the area coming from the northern province of Taiz and led by the Minister of Defense, Mohammed Nasser Ahmed (from southern Yemen).


* 1st and 2nd Photographs of the damage of Yemen Army's shelling on Al-Habilyn. December 16, 2010 and 3rd photograph of Taher Tammah.


Source: http://bit.ly/g3v5oC


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