Thursday, December 23, 2010

Southern Movement Protests on Southern Prisoner Day, Demands Riyadh Conference for Support

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

A statement issued by the organizers of the "Southern Prisoner Day, " in al-Habilyn city (southern Yemen) called the next Riyadh conference of the Friends of Yemen to "recognize the case of the south" adding that "any support for the warlords in Sana'a is support for terrorism".

The statement called upon all the people of the south, "without exception," to "support thesouthern cause, " asserting that "the south is for all its citizens except those who refuse."

The protesters carried pictures of the former southern Presidents, Ali Nasser Mohammad, Haidar Abu Bakr Al-Attas, Ali Salem al-Beidh, while it was noticeable the absence of the green flags that were called to be raised in the demonstrations by "Ali al-Beidh."

Azzan city, center of the district of Mayfa'a in Shabwa province, witnessed a similar protest attended by a number of leaders of the Southern Movement in the district, including Ahmed Nasser, a leading figure in the district, while Lauder and al-Mahfed also witnessed similar protests on the Southern Prisoner Day.

The statement of al-Habilyn protest condemned "the ongoing military campaign on Radfan, the militarization of civilian life, killings, siege, and the bombing on cities in Radfan and all provinces of the extorted state," and called "upon all the people of Radfan especially, and the South in general to the lineup, cohesion, and standing as one to face these ongoing attacks and stick to the peaceful and civilized struggle."


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