Friday, January 7, 2011

"Agent No. million" in the province of Aden

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Currently being final preparations to launch the awareness campaign by the Youth Initiative called “loyalty to the country" through the presentation of new theater called "Agent number one million " during the few days on the stage of Ibn Khaldun, Faculty of Arts, University of Aden, written and directed by the young talent "Sheriff Anis Alaagam. ".

The head of the initiative "Sheriff Anis Alaagam" said : that this work was the initiative of a group of talented young people in the field of theatrical action campaign to promote the principle of loyalty to the country one of the dramatized Comedy meaningful to instill a sense of responsibility among members of the community towards the country and defend its gains .. He said, adding that the play, in which around 30 young men and women from different governorates of the Republic of Yemen centered on the current situation and major issues experienced by young people and how to address them in appropriate ways and reasonable away from any violence or extremism or prejudice to the unity of the people or the single entity.

He added that the play works through the chapters and scenes to address many of the cases lived in our society of Yemen, including "segregation, racism and the split dimension and the abandonment of national loyalty to Yemen, one by many young people as well as other phenomena of the high prices of living and spinsterhood among young people and the exaggeration of dowry, unemployment and its negative effects and other of issues affecting young people lived.

The head of the initiative, "Sheriff Alaagam" said: that the text of scenario play came from the reality of living suffered from a lot of young people in our current society, which will address the issues came from a political aspect to consider from this angle on the issues and how to impact the political decision to change a lot of things related to youth and issues interest to them.. He pointed out that the work comes embodies loyalty to the country despite the many issues and concerns and differing views among young people.

He said that the work will also bring the message of the suffering of the young to the concerned authorities to pay attention to the issues and concerns are enduring than in the present and work to correct the path to the right for them, as well as delivering another message to their fellow youth and adults to take care of the interests of the homeland and maintain its unity by the strong self-interest and personal interest and left the home above all other interests.

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