Thursday, January 6, 2011

Al-Khabaji: Theses Moments Require Stance On Base of With Us or Against Us

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

A massive protest was staged in al-Habilyn by the Southern Movement this morning December 28th, 2010 to protest against the military reinforcements at the southern entrance of the area of Radfan and shelling the city of al-Habilyn, in addition to the campaign of arrests against the Southern Movement activists in the area.

The protest was attended by a number of Southern Movement leaders and activists among them Nasser al-Khabaji, the Yemeni MP, who declared that "we are facing historical moments require clear and decisive stance in the face of the occupation on the base of with us or against us; there is no room for maneuver or cowardice."

A statement released by sheikh Abdullrab al-Naqeeb, the most prominent sheikh in the neighboring area of Yafie, demanded the "people of the south to relief the people of Radfan."

The statement also insured sticking to the "peaceful struggle," stating in the same time that "they will not stay in different if any not stay indifferent if any of the south area exposedto attacks by the occupying forces," adding that "the retaliation will be in the language that is understood by the occupation, which will be clearer."

On the other hand, angry protesters blocked main streets in al-Mahfed area, in Abyan province, using burning tires and rocks to condemn the recent events of Radfan.

The protesters launched a rally procession raising flags of the former South Yemen and chanting against the Yemeni central government and the last event in Radfan.

The southern area of Radfan is witnessing great military reinforcements what makes predictions of a recent break in to the city of al-Habilyn that is controlled by the Southern Movement.

The city of al-Habilyn itself is witnessing intermittent shelling on the mountains overlooking the city, caused some damages to some houses and education institutions.


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