Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Researcher Arrested in Hadrmout and Nightly Protests in Aden

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

A security patrol ran over a soldier on Wednesday afternoon, in the city of Shehr (60 km east of Mukalla) in Hadramout province, where many areas of it were deployed by soldiers, including the coastal cities of the provinces of Abyan and Aden, to prevent and suppress the continued protest demonstrations those are proceeded spontaneously, without planning or invitations.

In the city of Shahr students launched a demonstration this afternoon, blocking a main road, burning tires and throwing stones at the security vehicles.

This event comes after a similar demonstration this morning suppressed by security forces in the city, that witnessed widespread heavy security measures, including security officers in civilian clothes to search for political activists in their homes and who asked to surrender themselves to police stations in their neighborhoods.

In the city of Dees-Alsharkia (120 km east of Mukalla) a military patrol stormed Arwa girls school and caused panic among female students when members of the patrol altercated with the school principal, who protested against the storming the school.

The researcher, Salem Faraj Muflih, was arrested in Dees-Alsharkia, and then transferred to the city of Mukalla, according to reports by media sources in the Southern Movement.

Dees has seen angry demonstrations in the evening of Wednesday, while the city of Shahr witnessed similar demonstrations.

In Aden, the largest city in the south and the former capital of the former state of South Yemen held several demonstrations in various districts including Mansoura, and Arish, the security forces suppressed them causing at least two wounded and a southern soldier when demonstrators threw stones at him in response to the firing of live bullets.

A security patrol was seen in the street of Tawila in Crater, security the area from any possible protests.


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