Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hundreds Demonstrate in Lawder, Ba'oum Resigns from Socialist Party

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Hundreds of Southern Movement supporters demonstrated in the southern Yemeni district of al-Wadie, in Abyan province, Jan 11, 2011. In accordance with a local protesting schedule in the province includes a protest in every district distributed on the weekdays.

Among the attendance of several local Southern Movement leaders, flags of the former state of South Yemen were raised and people chanted slogans against the central Yemeni government.

A speech by the Southern Movement leader, Ali Nasser al-Shaiba, stressed in it on the importance of boycotting the elections, bidding the citizens to "use any ways in order to stop it in the south."

In the neighboring area of Yafie, and after his release, the prominent Southern Movement leader, Hassan Ahmed Ba'oum, has announced his resignation from the Yemeni socialist party.

Ba'oum holds a membership in the Political Bureau of the Yemeni Socialist Party, and had resigned on January 15 from the leadership of the province of Hadramaut as the first secretary of the socialist party in the province.

The Yemeni Socialist Party is the ruling party of the former People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (South Yemen), that merged into a unity with the Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) on May 22, 1990, to form the recent united Yemen. However, a short civil war broke out in 1994, in which northern troops, assisted by other southern troops and a number of religious extremists, overflowed southern Yemen, since then, southerners have began to complain about the "discrimination" and "occupation" as the Southern Movement adopted in its statements.


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