Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Yemeni street , resentment that will never create change.

Written by: Mr. Alaa Isam

In an unrevealed visit, and was described as a sudden surprise, The secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the Yemeni Capital , Sana'a, and met with President Saleh as well as leaders of opposing parties , some social and cultural personnel and civil societies organizations' representatives. According to what has been announced, the talks were focusing on economical and political reforms as well as the issue of dialogue.

The Yemeni street passed through stations and is still living in situations that lead to resentment and boiling , starting from sport scandals as described by followers of Gulf 20 cup that took place in Aden city because of which some voice were raised to sack the minister of youth and sport. According to media publications (written and read), The latter replied as those voices holders are " nuts"

Perhaps the last station is "diesel crisis" which is obvious even in the capital, Sana'a. It is a stacked result since about year so far till now. Many have read in the Yemeni websites about sacking Minister of fuel and the general manager of Yemeni fuel company. However this comes now as a response to the stacked crisis and citizens growling, they think it is not a quite serious decision as official newspapers did not publish it as it was not a meaningful dismissal ,comparing to what the Tunisian president committed towards some government men including minister of interior due to the last events in Tunisia.

Some observers of the Yemeni situation see that opposers are " missing" real chances due to what the Yemeni street feel of resentment and growling. Thus, missing this will waste investing what is happening in making the change that respond to tired and exhausted citizens' needs and ambitions due to the ongoing policies that many describe them as" failed policies".

The challenge that the Yemeni opponents should take into consideration is that being late will not serve its mission at all and will make appear as "untrusted" in front of many as the Yemeni street , neighboring countries as well as the international community. This challenges also questions its(the opposers) "ability " and " qualification" in creating better opportunities for Yemeni citizens and as a real alternative to role Yemen.

Lastly, it is still a far away process to move from the street , as many followers of the Yemeni concern , as Yemenis are still not aware of the challenges and risks they face. This is because unions and civil society organizations have neither authority nor power to mobilize the Yemeni street. Until this happens, at least during the coming five years, we can say that the Yemeni street resentment will not be piped to generate change.


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