Friday, January 7, 2011

Joint Meeting Parties in Aden performs its protest t to demand releasing "AlAyam" and detainees in the "Gulf 20"

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Dozens of supporters of the Joint Meeting Parties in Aden and human rights activists Carried out, led by activist Tawakol Kerman in front of the governorate of Aden to demand the release of AlAyam newspaper and the immediate release of all political prisoners and activists from the movement of peaceful southern Aden, including activist Zahra Saleh and nearly "120" detainees, including children, were arrested after Gulf Cup 20.

And participants demand in the symbolic protest in a note they've made to the Governor for the release of the detainees, asserting their intention to protest the escalation of their events in the absence of release of detainees during the week.

An official source at the Ministry of the Interior had warned from doing marches and gatherings aimed at destabilizing the licensed security and stability and public order.

The source said that security agencies will not allow the establishment of marches and gatherings illegal, and will deal firmly with such acts outside the law aimed at security and stability and public order.
He confirmed that the security agencies will take appropriate legal action against the organizers of the marches and rallies and full responsibility for what will arrange it.

In a statement to the Ministry of Interior – broadcasted by its media center today, Wednesday - A source appealed to citizens to not pay any attention to calls for marches and gatherings suspicious and illegal and that do not have the goal of only disturb the public tranquility and the launch of the hands of chaos and sabotage and disrupt the normal life of citizens.

On the other hand, the Inter-Parliamentary member , Insaf Ali Mayo saluted what he called the determination and resolve of the participants to the success of the event, despite all the crowds that gathered the vicinity of military-based conservation in an attempt to prevent its establishment.

He told the "Sahwa net" that the security forces since the early morning gathered in the province and within the building block to Almoudi and an attempt by peace activists from reaching for the implementation of effectiveness.

He called on all activists, lawyers and human rights organizations to more solidarity activities until the release of detainees.

This comes under a number of solidarity activities organized by political parties and civil society organizations in Aden with the detainees and the newspaper "AlAyam" and aimed at the demand to stop all violations of the paper and release it to resume publication.
The Joint Meeting Parties in Aden on Tuesday organized a seminar in solidarity at the headquarters of the Socialist Party in AlMa'alla participated in a number of human rights activists and politicians.
And participants demanded in the effectiveness of solidarity to halt all violations of the newspaper "AlAyam" and its publisher, and the release of the paper, and release all political prisoners of South peaceful movement activists in Aden, including activist Zahra Saleh.

He reviewed the participants during the seminar the leading role and enlightened AlAyam newspaper to perform its mission with all professional and professionalism and provided to the citizen of the story true that derives its strength from its support and standing with her, considering she resorted to the authority of the methods and practices are illegal and unconstitutional, against the newspaper to silence the voice of truth that reflects the approach Authority and the concept of variant of the concept of democracy.

a number of political activists, lawyers, academics and representatives of civil society organizations, writers, writers, journalists and independent Participated in the symposium representing all colors of the spectrum of political and cultural city of Aden.

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