Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Demonstrations of Anger Continue in Hadrmout

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

On Jan 16, 2011 Students of Bamatraf High School demonstrated in the city of Shehr this afternoon to censure the killing of an elderly woman called "Masada Saleh Makhtof" in the city of Mukalla last Thursday, when she was hit and crushed by a security vehicle during a female demonstration attended by some young people and students to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the southern reconciliation forgiveness.

The students raised flags of former South Yemen and photographs of some leaders and dead killed by security forces during previous confrontations, chanting anti-unity slogans and others condemning the last incident.

On the other hand, another student protest was launched in Mukalla, in which the students reiterated slogans demand an independent state in southern Yemen.

Both of the protests had not recorded any confrontations between the security and the protesters, while media sources assured the injury of a person called "Mohammed Fhadel Al Swailmi" in another student protest in Ghil Bawazeer district in Hadrmout, after suppressing the demonstration by security forces.

The security arrested several Southern Movement activists and citizens yeasterday, among them: Saleh Aboud Al Swid, Omer Awad Al Hadadi, in addition to other were in a bus, they are: Saeed Ali Ba'hshwan, Salem Mohammed Ba'oum, Yaser Hajj Baharis, Omer Hussein Al Habani, Abdullah Ba'ghwida, Salem Bin Ghanim.


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