Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Protests in Abyan Express Solidarity with Hadrmout and Lahej

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

On Jan 15, 2011 Two protests were organized in al-Mahfed and al-Ayn districts of Abyan province in southern Yemen to protest against the last events in the provinces of Lahej and Hadrmout.

The protests were organized in conjunction with the protesting schedule in the districts, those include protests on Saturdays.

Protesters raised flags of the former South Yemen in addition to green flags were asked to be raised in the protests by the former South Yemeni president, Ali Salem al-Beidh, who lives in exile. While speeches of several southern leaders censured the events that caused death and injuries in both Lahej and Hadrmout

In Lahej, the Yemeni army continued shelling the mountains overlooking the city of al-Habilyn, where militants become known as "the people's resistance," gathering in order to halt the attempts of the Yemeni army to enter the city, considered one of the Southern Movement's stronghold.

Shelling the mountains around the city continued today, while it was concentrated on Jamal Mountain that is near to the city, while a state of panic spread in the city, causing school girls to faint, what caused students from the Faculty of Education to launch a spontaneous march procession, wandering around the city and chanting against the shelling

The communications are still suspended in the districts of Radfan, while it is believed that the Yemeni government is trying to take control over the strongholds of the Southern Movement in order to set up the anticipated elections in them.

And in Hadrmout province, the protests continued for the third day in al-Mukalla, center of Hadrmout province, where a funeral procession was launch to burry an elderly woman killed by a security patrol in the city, on Thursday. The funeral was followed by violent clashes between the security and the citizens

And in al-Hami town in al-Sher district other protests were organized for the same purpose. The protesters blocked the streets with tires and rocks, and the security tried to suppress the angry crowds, arresting a number of people among them: Fahd Khamis Koni, Mohammed Omer Bin Irua, and Asad Awad Saad, according to Southern Movement sources.

Yesterday the coastal cities of Hadrmout witnessed angry protests about the murder of the elderly lady, while a state of tension is lived in the province.


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