Thursday, January 6, 2011

Protests in 9 Southern Yemeni cities on the Southern Prisoner's Day

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

9 southern Yemeni cities witnessed protest demonstrations on the "Southern Prisoner's Day," December 30, 2010 which is marked on Thursdays in conjunction with the protesting schedule to protest against the detention of the most prominent Southern Movement leader, Hassan Ahmed Ba'oum, and his colleagues in prison in Ibb (northern Yemen) who have declared an open hunger strike on Monday.

The Southern Movement activist, brigadier Ali al-Sheibah, demanded the release of the Southern Movement activists prisoners among them the prominent leader, Hassan Ba'oum in addition to all the protesting movement's prisoners.

Al-Sheibah condemned, in the demonstration that is staged in Lauder district in Abyan province, the military reinforcements in the southern provinces of Lahej and Abyan.

Abyan province also witnessed three other demonstrations in Shukra, al-Mahfed, and Je'ar districts.

The district of Zanzibar, center of Abyan province, witnessed high security measures yesterday, after kidnapping western engineers and releasing them after several hours by tribal militants. According to sources inside the city that a state of anger has been aroused among the citizens when units of the Central Security searched in purses of female students after the school day.

Al-Aram, in Shabwah province, also witnessed a similar protest in which flags of former South Yemen, banners against the Yemeni unity and photographs of the former president, Ali Salem al-Beidh were raised.

In Hadrmout province, tens of students protested in al-Shehr district after their school day, raising flags of the former South Yemen, and blocking the streets of the city to hinder the movement of the security forces, while no reports talked about any clashes with the Yemeni soldiers who had been already deployed in the city.

Al-Habilyn, in Lahej province, a procession was rallied by hundreds of Southern Movement supporters raising flags of the former South Yemen and photographs of its former president, Ali Salem al-Beidh, who lives in exile, and demanding the release of Hassan Ba'oum and all the Southern Movement captives.

Al-Dhali province, on the other hand, witnessed another protest attended by several Southern Movement leaders among them Shalal Ali Shaei, who is accused on the issue of al-Wehda Sports Club bombings in Aden, months ago.


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