Monday, January 31, 2011

Yemeni opposition plans for massive protests Thursday Feb3

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Yemeni opposition parties have called Yemeni people to massive anti-government protests across the country on Thursday, February 3.

The spokesperson of the Joint Meeting Parties Mohammad al-Qubati told the opposition al-Sahwa Net that massive protests will be organized on Thursday in all Yemeni provinces in protest to “unilateral elections, constitutional amendments and the extension of President Saleh's term.”

Al-Qubati said that demonstrations on Thursday represent the end of first stage of protests the Joint Meeting Parties launched on January 15. he said the JMP will then launch a new stage of protests until the regime meets people's requests.

Head of media section in the National Dialogue Committee Mohammad al-Sabri told News Yemen that the coming protests will be larger than previous demonstrations.

“Demonstrations are not in support of the Joint Meeting Parties' requests but in support of demands of the Yemeni people,” said al-Sabri.

In an attempt to defuse the angry unemployed graduates and poor families, President Saleh instructed the government to expand social security network and adopt additional 500,000 needy families as well as to establish a special fund for university graduates to create jobs for 25 percent of the graduates this year and remaining in the following years.


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