Monday, January 31, 2011

Southern Movement protests prevent the main way to Shikh Othman district

Reported by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Today Jan Jan 31, 2011 Protests belong to Southern Movement has been blocked the ways to Shikh Othman district in Aden city and demand for Saleh leave and disengagement for southern people.

more information and videos will be updated one i got them :)

Yalla, Youth let us Kick Saleh's Ass outta Yemen

Viva Aden

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  1. Prior to the unification of Yemen , In the South EDUCATION all level from primary to College/University was compulsory and free of charge but now is vice versa illetaracy is
    compulsory,Why ??? Because the tyrant dictator
    is jealous as he himself never went to school.

    Prior to the unification, in the South no one
    would dare to accept bribery,Why?Because they
    all know well the punishment will be severe, either to lose the job or even prison for life
    term or my be death penalty .

    Prior to the unification, you can hardly find
    beggars in the street, of a theif etc , Why ?
    Because there were several vocational training
    centres to teach those needy people carpentary,
    welding, mechanics etc .

    Frankly Speaking,I would prefer (1000%)times the British Colony to return back rather than these filthy theives who practising all sort of
    criminal terrorism, killing, looting, bribery
    which fortunately we have never seen that before unification .

    For sure , we will regain back our country very soon later on we can live in peace and harmony ,