Sunday, January 9, 2011

'Would-be robbers kill three' in south Yemen

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

Motorcycle-borne assailants killed three people including a soldier in Yemen's south on Sunday when they strafed a car with bullets in a failed bid to steal money, a security official said.

"Two gunmen on a motorbike stopped an electricity utility (company) car which was heading to Zinjibar to deposit funds," the official told AFP, referring to the capital of Abyan province.

"They fired a barrage of bullets towards the car, killing a soldier and two employees," the official said, adding that another three people had suffered wounds in what was an "armed robbery".

However a medical official said Al-Razi hospital in Jaar had received the bodies of three government employees and a soldier on Sunday.

The attack came after separate clashes in Yemen's tightly patrolled main southern city of Aden wounded four people late on Saturday, an official and medics told AFP.

"Four people were wounded as clashes broke out when dozens blocked the roads and burned tyres in Crater district demanding the release of three young men detained over criminal charges," said Awad Mubjer, an official in Aden.

The official said that the crowds had been angered because the men were kept in detention even though the public prosecutor had ordered their release.

Medical sources also said four people were wounded, one of them seriously.

Witnesses said security reinforcements had been dispatched to the area.

Due to massive police deployment in Aden, the situation is generally calm in Aden.

But the rest of Yemen's southern provinces, which formed an independent state before 1990, are usually the site of frequent protests with calls ranging from economic and social improvements to full independence.

The impoverished country's south was independent from 1967 until 1990 when it united with the north. The south seceded in 1994, sparking a short-lived conflict that ended when the south was overrun by northern troops.


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