Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zahra Saleh: Exposed to Provocations and Intelligence Interrogated Me until 2 AM

Observed by: Mr. Alaa Isam

The Southern Movement leader, Zahra Saleh, said in an interview with the al-Awla Newspaper that she will "return to the squares of peaceful struggle, and that "the head of Aden Security Department" offered her "a national job in women's associations and administrative positions," but she refused.

She also assured the deterioration of her health as a result of "the unjust detention."

Zahra Saleh said: "I faced a lot of provocations, and the inspectors from the Departments of the Political and National Securities (intelligence) used to interrogated me until 2 am." And added wondering: "while visiting and contacting me by my relatives and friends was not allowed, visiting and contacting the women of the night clubs and prostitutes were allowed!".

Saleh explained that she was not charged with any accusations, only that the security authorities asked her to "write a pledge not to participate in the activities of the Southern Movement", a thing that was refused by her.

"The head of Aden Security Department asked me to give up the Southern Movement, and expressed his willingness to support me through establishing a group or party," Saleh added, and reporting what the head of Aden Security said: "it is better that you receive money from inside Yemen, rather than receiving it from outside."

She also said that head of Security threatened her saying: "your files are ready, you buy bombs for young people who cause explosions, including the latest bombings of al-Wahda in Aden, and pointed out to the death of 3 soldiers on the day before yesterday, and such acts of destabilization of security and public order."

Source: http://bit.ly/fUVLg6

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